Thousands of prisoners released in California…

Thousands of prisoners in California state prison’s are being released early to ease overcrowding behind bars amid the winding down coronavirus pandemic. State data shows California prisons have released about 3,500 inmates early while the daily jail population across 58 counties is down by 20,000 from late February.

A bit of breaking news here, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is announcing they are suing the Federal Correctional Institutions in Lompoc and on Terminal Island in Los Angeles County on behalf of the prisoners. ACLU stated it has filed two class-action lawsuits in coordination with the Prison Law Office, and the law firm Bird Marella The ACLU is calling for an immediate reduction in the number of inmates at the prison.

“Congress gave prisons broad authority to release low risk offenders into home confinement so that it could reduce overcrowding and save lives. But officials failed to use that authority. We will hold them accountable in court.” -Naeun Rim, a principal with law firm Bird Marella’

At the same time the California Governor, Gavin Newsom, has called for sharp reductions to the prison budget that would close some of our prisons and all three of our state funded juvenile detention centers. I have a strong feeling that these decisions, if allowed to go unopposed, will lead to further disaster in California.

This state has already been grappling with a rising crime problem and the recent sharp rise in the unemployment rate will only contribute to the issues we face. The out of control homeless population in California will see adverse effects from this sudden release of prisoners. For some criminals, being locked up is the only way they will be off the street, they will not look for jobs when they get out and they have nowhere to stay.

The homeless population here already seems like it is getting bigger and bigger by the day. I see homeless people everywhere and it makes perfect sense that at least a few of them are recently released from prison with no job prospects and nowhere to stay. For those people, it was honestly better for them to be locked up. Many will ultimately commit more crime as a result of the poverty.

This is such a dangerous situation that is brewing here and the whole state is becoming a pretty explosive situation across the board. The unemployment strain coupled with onerous Health Orders are making it very difficult for people to go about their day. This is causing a lot of frustration and anxiety, while at the same time our Health Officials and leaders are telling us we will die if we go outside. The whole situation is a bit of a nightmare.

Releasing thousands of prisoners into this situation is like pouring napalm onto a raging fire. The push by Leftist to empty out the prisons has more to do with politics than it does with science. If they are telling us that isolation is how we beat the virus then shouldn’t we keep them locked up?


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