Illegal aliens begin receiving covid payments in California


The DISASTER RELIEF ASSISTANCE FOR IMMIGRANTS (DRAI) Project is a one-time state-funded disaster relief assistance for illegal aliens impacted by COVID-19. Ain’t it funny how we are told illegal aliens have to live in the shadows, yet they seem to have no problem lining up for cash handouts?

The plan calls for illegal aliens to receive $500/month for an individual or $1000/month for a household if they can prove they lost their job due to the pandemic.

Today was the first day illegal aliens impacted by the coronavirus pandemic could begin applying for financial assistance in the insane state of California.

An organization knows as the “Jewish Family Service”, which advocates for illegal aliens, was chosen as one of 12 agencies in the state to distribute $75 million dollars, as promised by our communist leader Gov. Gavin Newsom. The list is a menagerie of Liberal activist groups that have been fighting to keep illegal aliens from being deported.

Well the fact that these illegal aliens cant get proper federal covid relief because they are “undocumented” and not supposed to be here highlights one of the many reasons why we need to deport these people.

Another $50 million could be available through donations and contributions made by dumb Liberals that don’t realize how much illegal immigration hurts our nation in the long run.

Before they even opened their offices Monday morning, the JFS reported that they were already getting “hundreds and hundreds of phone calls.”

Outside their main gate, more illegals walked up looking to apply for money promised to California’s massive illegal alien population. Illegals that claim they lost their jobs because of Gov Gavin Newsom’s shutdown orders.

In my opinion the only thing illegal aliens deserve is a swift kick in the rear for invading our country and a quick trip back to their home country immediately! Are they worried about being separated from their families? Well how about this, any of their family that wants to stay with their illegal alien relatives can go with them back to their home country.

Since they already like to wave the foreign flags of their home country anyway it would be like doing them a favor!

We are giving them more money while many of these illegal aliens already take advantage of our broken welfare, generous healthcare, overburdended public school system, and they even take advantage of our tax system. That isn’t even mentioning all of the crimes committed by illegal aliens.

From non-violent crimes like identity theft and fraud, to far more serious crimes like rape and murder, illegal aliens are a source for all of these crimes.

Liberals may try to deflect by saying “but Cali-Conservative, you racist xenophobic, self-hating Latino, wingnut, Trump-supporter, these brave and beautiful undocumented immigrants commit fewer crimes than the people that were born here!” and to them I say “well it doesn’t matter if illegal aliens only commit one single crime, it is one too many, and totally preventable…and go get a real job damn hippie!”

Besides, every single illegal alien is a criminal by Federal law, they became criminals the moment they stepped foot over the border! They do not deserve a single dime of our money!

We must be working to deport these illegal aliens, not giving them more handouts. I can only imagine that some people in other countries would kill themselves to get a piece of that covid relief money. The amount of $500-$1000 dollars goes a hell of a long way when you are South of the Border!

What about the illegals that were getting paid under the table? What about the illegals working under stolen identities? There are so many variables to this program that it is almost guaranteed that millions of dollars will be ill-spent, ending up in the hands of people who didn’t need or deserve it.

We should all be speaking up against this horrible move by the state of California. Shame on them while thousands of homeless Americans are still struggling in the streets and millions more struggling just to make ends meet. The California Democrats are showing who they truly care about by giving money to illegal aliens when so many Americans are struggling under the horrible conditions Dems have created here.

I pray that things turn around soon. And I have a strong feeling those prayer will be answered!

God Bless you. God Bless America. God Save California.


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