Los Alamitos loses fight to abolish Sanctuary Laws.

“…with the threat of being sued into bankruptcy, I reluctantly say ‘Yes.’” -Los Alamitos Councilwoman Shelley Hasselbrink

It is with a heavy heart and great regret that I must report the small California city of Los Alamitos has lost their battle to abolish so-called “Sanctuary” laws. These laws prevent the deportation of illegal aliens in their city. The city had been locked into a vicious legal dispute with the American Civil Liberties Union, commonly known as the ACLU.

City Council members through a virtual meeting unanimously votes to repeal an ordinance passed in April 2018. The now infamous ordinace attempted to restore law and order by exempting the city from the laughably named “California Values Act” (Sanctuary State Law), which was passed in 2017 and prohibited local police from working with Immigration and Customs Enforcenment, commonly known as ICE. Another group which has become the frequent target of the Liberal-Fascists over at the ACLU.

The small city of Los Alamitos made national waves in 2018 when they joined the Trump administration’s fight against the Sanctuary laws.

The bold move by the small city to fight the state’s outrageous Sanctuary laws sparked a wave of patriotism and galvanized the pro-Border patriots up and down the state. Over a dozen other California cities and towns joined in on Los Alamitos brave effort to fight against the scourge of illegal immigration that is absolutely devastating our state.

“I feel that Sacramento, the elected leaders up there, are bullying us into violation of the oath of office that we took,”

The small city of Los Alamitos is now being forced to pay $200,000 in legal fees to some liberal group called the “Los Alamitos Community United” as part of the ACLU settlement. The American Civil Liberties Union has made it their mission to protect illegal aliens and fight against the Trump Administration.

They sued Los Alamitos under the guise of protecting our civil rights, but yet the ACLU seems to be completely fine with the California state government illegally shutting down businesses and forcing despotic Health Orders onto millions of Californians…

That doesn’t seem to be on the radar of the ACLU at the moment…bet if Gavin Newsom was only locking down illegal aliens then the ACLU would go crazy!

It is so sad that a very tiny town like Los Alamitos, which only has a population of about 12,000 people, had to face the full-might of the Liberal Fascists that bore down on them like a ton of Gender-Neutral bricks.

To give you some context about how difficult this legal fight was for the small city of Los Alamitos, in 2017-18 they had an operating budget of about $13,503,334 dollars…while the annual operating budget for the ACLU is well over $100,000,000 dollars…It was ultimately like putting an infant in the boxing ring versus Mike Tyson…

For how lopsided the fight was, the tiny city of Los Alamitos actually put up a pretty strong fight and gave the ACLU a run for their money. Other bigger cities like Huntington Beach dropped out of the lawsuit earlier this year. Los Alamitos really fought this one out as long as they can and it is very unfortunate that the battle ultimately ended in defeat. But just because you lose one battle does not mean you lost the war, and just because you think you might lose a battle does not make it worth fighting. We will continue fighting.

Why should we keep fighting? Because we are 100% in the right. If it were not for the activist judges on the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals we probably would have won this lawsuit. There is absolutely no justification to allow illegal aliens to invade our nation. The Democrats and RINOs are just using these illegals as a form of slave labor as they typically work for far less than an American citizen or Legal Resident would.

Liberals might tell you that this is all about compassion for immigrants, but that is just an outright lie. Illegal immigration hurts legal immigrants because the illegals compete for the jobs and lower the wages of citizens and legal residents. From virtually the moment the illegals step foot over the border into our country they are exploited by various groups, cartels, shady corporations looking for cheap labor, and Democrats using them and their children as a political weapon.

Even our legal immigration framework is far too open as it is, so allowing millions of illegals into the country on top of the million or so legal immigrants we already take in is starting to rapidly deteriorate these Sanctuary areas. Most of the American people will eventually wake up and oppose the destruction of our cities by illegals, but will it be too late by then? The Democrats sure hope so.

The war to save our country from these insane open-borders Democrats is far from over. Though this particular battle is lost, we will regroup and strike again. We didn’t lose this battle through any fault of our own, we did everything right. And it isn’t all bad news.

The former mayor of Los Alamitos is now working for the Trump administration. Troy Edgar was appointed as the Associate Deputy Under Secretary of Management for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in January 2020. This man is a real patriot and he went from watching over about 12,000 people to now protecting millions of us. Quite frankly, I think he is perfect for his job. We need hundreds more patriots like him over at the DHS.

We must keep fighting. The very soul of our nation is literally at stake here and we cannot afford to keep losing these battles. Every town, city, or state lost to the Democrats is another step towards totalitarianism. We can afford a few defeats here and there, they are inevitable and unavoidable, but we can only afford so many before we lose for good.

This is why it is so important for President Trump to keep reshaping the judicial landscape and he needs another four years (maybe even more) to get this done properly. Had we had judges on the 4th circuit that actually care about the U.S. Constitution we would have easily won this battle and sent the disgusting ACLU back to the sewer they crawled out from.

God Bless Los Alamitos. God Bless California. God Bless America. God Bless President Trump!

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