FREEDOM: California city declares itself “Sanctuary” from Newsom’s lockdown

The fight to free California from the overbearing lockdowns continues to heat up. Protests have sprang up across the state and some businesses are defying lockdown orders and moving forward with reopening, even if they are in violation of the state’s crippling “Health Orders”.

Well one small California city has taken the fight to break the lockdowns to the next level…

Officials in Atwater, a city of just under 30,000 people in central California, have unanimously agreed not to enforce the tyrannical Health Orders imposed on us by the state. That means the local authorities will not interfere with any business or church that decides to reopen ahead of state restrictions! This is a great move by the city of Atwater and every patriot in America should be applauding their decision!

The declaration was a very bold symbolic gesture of defiance against Governor Gavin Newsom’s despotic order. I predict this move will have reverberating consequences across the state. This will lead to more places seeing that it is OK for us to go on about our lives, fully aware of the risks.

That is the perfect type of governance in my eyes. When our leaders tell us the dangers and warn us, but essentially step back after that and let us make our own decisions. When they start trying to tell us what they think is good for us and then they try to force us to comply, that is when we should be worried.

The mayor of Atwater was sure to let his people know that they must be the ones to take on responsibility for their own safety. We must all be made aware of the dangers posed to our lives and allowed to make our own decisions if we are to finally start moving forward with reopenings.

California is poorly navigating the shutdowns while the threat of the virus remains relatively low. Businesses that should have never been closed down were forced to do so and many may never reopen again. For many of these businesses it wouldn’t even matter if you allowed them a limited opening, or a heavily regulated opening, that would still hurt their business. They will need to be able to nearly completely reopen in order to get back to pre-lockdown revenue.

So let us hope that more cities in California and other locked down areas have the guts to start defying their tyrannical leaders and open back up. The people cannot be held down for long. We will not allow ourselves to become overburdened with debt and dependent on the government over a virus that has a 99.9999% recovery rate. We must fight back and I am so glad to see that some places are starting to do just that.

Many of our leaders in California have gone completely off the rails over this virus. These crooked politicians immediately started moving to change our election laws and close down all businesses. It was pretty obvious from the start that this had less to do with a viral outbreak and more to do with controlling the people by curtailing our freedoms.

It was also quite odd how the quarantines just so happened to coincide with a very critical (if not the most critical) political season for American history. The virus also happened to help Joe Biden avoid public speaking as just about every public appearance he was making would result in gaffe after gaffe.

It has been more than obvious that the response to the virus has more to do with partisan politics than it does with the reality on the ground. I have prayed that we will find the strength very soon to move past all of this. Glad to see my prayers are starting to be answered. Rise up patriots. Reclaim your strength. Protect your rights. God Bless Atwater, California. God Bless America. God Bless Trump.


Once again I am asking for your financial support…woah I am starting to sound like Bernie and all the homeless people around here… I could use your help. My hours at work have been severely reduced due to covid restrictions. Anything you can give helps. Thank you God bless!

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