INSANE: LA Mayor Garcetti triples down on virus lockdowns.

The recent announcement that the California lockdowns will be extended for three more months “with all certainty” sparked a wave of criticism across social media at what many see as an overreaction to the coronavirus crisis that seemed as if it was winding down.

This made the Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, call into CNN in what at first sounded like damage control, but ultimately ended with the Mayor saying this:

“I think we know it’s going to be even longer than three months…we’re not moving past covid-19, we’re learning to live with it. We’re not going to go back to pre-covid life anytime soon, we are not going to jump to post-covid-19 time until there is a medicine or vaccine that allows that. So we are still living in the Age of Covid-19.”

This is just positively insane as projections for a vaccine date put it 12-18 months away from now.

The good news would be that there is an unprecedented effort to find a cure. Right now there are already hundreds of different therapies and about 95 different vaccines that are being worked on, but clinical trials of the past don’t often produce an effective drug so most cures won’t past the trial phase.

The effort being made to cure this virus is truly monumental and advancing at a very rapid pace, but I can see that people like Mayor Garcetti are not actually interested in a speedy vaccine. You see they do not want this crisis to end too soon. The longer the crisis goes on and the more dangerous it becomes the more power that Mayor Garcetti can wield.


Their end game is to secure Federal Funding that they will claim is to combat the virus but the money will actually go to propping up failing Democrat programs here in California. Our state economy will be ravaged by the fallout from such a drastic extension of these pervasive lockdowns, so much so that we could potentially never recover. Financially decimating any middle-class individuals in the affected areas. But maybe that is all part of their plan.

The crisis currently threatens to expose a massive budget gap that would open up a gaping wound in our current sketchy financial situation. The entire house of cards built by the Democrats in California is threatening to collapse, as has historically happened to many socialist nations when they are faced with even the mildest of crises, so to secure federal covid funds may be their last hope to save their dying agenda.

That is the motivation behind extending the lockdowns in Los Angeles. They want to inflate the danger levels and cause continued economic hardship for millions of us living here. That is the only way they can keep the crisis going until election day which is a goal of theirs right now.

We need to stand up against these insane and unconstitutional lockdowns. The vast majority of us did our part when asked, we stayed home for two weeks, then four weeks, ultimately six weeks now for many, but then they ask for 12 more weeks minimum? If the previous stay at home orders didn’t stop the virus, then what will extending them do?

We can never prove for sure how many lives stay-at-home orders saved, but we can certainly prove the economic impact that this is having on our citizenry. The people who are actually prioritizing lives over profit are the ones that want us to stay home. Profits for the corrupt Democrat Party. Profits for Big Pharma. Profits for Walmart and Target. Profits for China.

It is time to say no to their tyranny and get back to work. No part of America should ever be shut down for such an extended period of time given the extremely low death rate of this particular virus. And just because we are going back doesn’t mean we won’t be as safe as possible while going about our day.

Most of America is clamoring to go back (some places were never even quarantined) and the most severe restrictions were all imposed by Democrats. Clearly Republicans care a little more about individual freedom while Democrats care only about power and control.

Ultimately this is all on us, the individual Americans, to decide that we are ready to face the dangerous world head on, just as we always have! God bless!

Due to the coronavirus restrictions in California, I and many others like me have either been directly put out of work or had our hours dramatically reduced. My financial situation has become strained and anything you could spare would be greatly appreciated!

Of course, regardless of whether you donate or not, I promise to provide you with totally free content on this website for as long as I am allowed to say my opinion in these times of increasing censorship! The price I pay to own this site is 100% worth it when people just read the articles I write (200% when they share them on Twitter or Facebook!)

Anyways, God Bless you and stay safe!


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