Officer who called out unconstitutional lockdowns gets fired!

A brave Washington state police officer and Special Forces veteran that spoke out against “tyrannical orders” to enforce the extreme coronavirus lockdown measures has now been placed on administrative leave pending termination.

Watch the original video below:


“I fought in Iraq under the U.S. government’s guise of ‘freedom’ – and you are going to wake a sleeping giant, the American people are going to fight 10X harder for their freedom on their soul. The American Spirit of Defiance is going to rise again.” -Officer Greg Anderson

After initially being praised by his superiors, Officer Anderson was then told that he needed to remove the video immediately. Officer Anderson refused to delete the video. He bravely defied the orders to censor himself. He is now a true inspiration in these perilous times of censorship and thought control.

While many of us are certainly worried about the  potential dangers of the Chinese coronavirus, we also strongly recognize that we must be very careful not to sacrifice our fundamental Constitutional rights during this unprecedented crisis. Officer Greg Anderson gives us all hope that our own law enforcement officers won’t be used against us during a time of domestic strife.

His termination should worry everyone and give all of us great cause for concern. It shows how his superiors are willing to bend to tyrannical orders from their out of control governor just to protect the status quo. Look, I totally understand the idea of needing to protect your income, especially if you have a family, but men need to have a code that they stand for above all else.

“I’m not intimidated or upset at the way this played out…I fought in the streets of Ramadi [Iraq] during ’04-’05, I came to terms long ago that my convictions and my beliefs may cost me everything, up and to my life.” -Officer Anderson

I think this is why so many people respect President Trump. Where Ross Perot dropped out of his race to protect his family, President Trump boldly put himself and his family at great risk to protect this nation and he has not wavered one bit. They will never be able to lead a normal life again. They have lost friends, they have sacrificed their businesses, they are hated by millions of insanely vicious Democrats, but that is the price they were all willing to pay to save this nation.

Officer Greg Anderson follows in that same vein. The great American tradition that says every few generations we must have millions of strong men and women that are willing to stand up for the cause of freedom, risking economic hardship, and even bodily harm.

If you aren’t willing to risk everything to protect what is yours then you will ultimately lose it to someone else. President Trump saw that. He saw that there would be little point in living in America if it was fundamentally destroyed and our Constitutional rights abolished. Which is where we were headed and where we would be had Hillary won instead…

Officer Greg Anderson sees it the same way. There is little point in being an American police officer if the department you serve becomes fundamentally anti-American. Brave patriots like Officer Anderson are exactly the type of police that we need in this country. Men and women willing to stand up for the Constitution above all else. Any officer that would ever unquestionably obey an unconstitutional order is not someone that we want in uniform.

The good news here is that a GoFundMe has been set up for Officer Anderson and I am very proud to report that in just about 24 hours it raised over $151,000 dollars!


Incredible support from the brave patriots across the nation that were inspired by the uplifting and purely American statements made by Officer Anderson in his viral video! I hope the President is made aware of what is happening, I think this brave LEO deserves a free trip to the White House!

These are truly crazy times we are living in and I am so thankful that we have brave people like Officer Anderson on our side! Please show him some love and support and he transitions into the next phase of his life. Hey maybe he can live his dream and sail around the world now with his $150K!

Thank you for reading. I need your support now more than ever, after having my hours at work severely reduced due to coronavirus restrictions my work income has substantially reduced. Please help if you can. Thank you. God Bless America.


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