Newsom wants California to sell its own prescription drugs

Governor Gavin Newsom (aka Gruesom Newsom, Gavlame Newscum, or even Moonbeam Jr.) set to unveil his plans to have the State of California officially contract with drugmakers to produce generic prescription drugs which the state will then sell under a generic label.

This is supposedly all in an effort to lower the cost of prescription drugs, but I can’t help get a strong feeling of suspicion on just what the real motives are of these California Democrats…

An executive order also called for the creation of a state-run collective that would be open to small businesses, California residents and local governments. A number of municipalities, including Los Angeles, have already promised their support of the collective.

Along with selling its own brand of generic drugs, Newsom also plans to propose an expansion of the state’s bulk buying program and a drug pricing schedule for the state. -Fox News

These are the very same politicians that have presided over an ever-increasing homeless epidemic and the explosion of drug overdoses across the state of California. The same people that have not only failed to comply with Federal immigration law, but at times have actively thwarted it by shielding illegal aliens.

The very same corrupt and degenerate career politicians that are driving up our debt, raising up our gas prices, destroying our infrastructure, and making it impossible to find an affordable place to live?! Those same politicians will now be in charge of producing and selling prescription drugs??? Forgive me if I am more than a little bit skeptic about this plan.

To me this just sounds like the California Democrats are wanting to become legal drug dealers.

These California Democrats have failed at just about every single thing they have tried to achieve. Sometimes it almost feels like if they want to fail…Almost as if they know that having a lot of homeless people and then offering them welfare if they vote Democrat will help when it comes time to get reelected…

Or if the California Democrats are allowing in illegal aliens on purpose, offering them sanctuary and telling them that only if Democrats stay in power can they stay in our country…thus ensuring some illegals will attempt voter fraud in a desperate bid to stay?

Do the California Democrats really want to start producing and selling their own brand of prescription drugs to help the common people? Or to cut in on the profits and power that can potentially come with it? Was the state government ever intended to be so heavily involved in manufacturing and selling drugs?

I remember when the marijuana legalization advocates told us that legalizing the miracle cure-all drug would lead to a sharp decline in the number of people using prescription drugs in California…Guess they were wrong? Now the government will be involved in both the marijuana business and the prescription drug business. Once they add in those “safe-injection” sites the state can preside over the heroin trade as well…

Look, I have no doubt that this could potentially be good for many individual people who are struggling to afford their prescription drugs, I truly sympathize with these people. But we must consider who exactly we are putting in charge of this entire program. The California Democrats have a history of delivering disastrous results, often the opposite of the intended result occurs.

We also must be very weary of what this will cost those who are not on any prescription drugs, or the people who already pay for their own drugs without any problems. Will we all have to subsidize this government program with some sort of tax? Already the state’s medi-cal program tops $100 BILLION a year and the Democrats want to extend the coverage of the bloated program.

How is adding an entirely new program that will oversee the manufacture, distribution, and pricing of prescription drugs supposed to lower the price? No doubt, the drugs will be sold at a low price, but at what cost? Many who receive a government benefit never stop to think where does the money come from, but it has to come from somewhere. Most of the time the average taxpayer has to foot the bill for all of these government programs…

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  1. So now our Governor wants to be a drug dealer?

    On Thu, Jan 9, 2020 at 4:53 PM wrote:

    > CaliConservative posted: “Governor Gavin Newsom (aka Gruesom Newsom, > Gavlame Newscum, or even Moonbeam Jr.) set to unveil his plans to have the > State of California officially contract with drugmakers to produce generic > prescription drugs which the state will then sell under a gene” >


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