Newsom to release funds without Federal approval

“We are doing this despite the Trump administration’s unwillingness to certify the PIT count to allow us to allocate this money…They are weaponizing and politicizing this issue, so we will work around them and provide 75% of the funding while we wait for HUD to verify the count numbers.” -Gavin Newsom

The far-Left Governor of California has announced that he will release $650 million dollars in homeless services funding to counties across the state. Despite the funds having not yet been approved for spending by the Federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) agency.

In January 2019, the new Governor produced his plan to tackle homelessness and spend hundreds of million of dollars addressing the growing problem. Even before he assumed office, California already had the highest concentration of homeless people in the whole country.

Gavin Newsom cannot fix the homeless problem by just spending money. It seems to me that for him it is always more about getting the money and less about actually fixing the problem. In fact, sometimes it looks like these California Democrats want our problems to continue to keep the taxpayer funds flowing.

The Democrats often try to hide behind noble goals in order to gain access to more funding. We all want to see a solution to the homeless crisis in California, so the Democrats will promise us they can fix the problem, but if the problem were to be fixed there would be no use for them anymore and funding would stop. A normal person would say, “I did something good, now I can move on to something else”, a Democrat says, “Oh no! How will I make money now?”.

The reason for the holdup on the funds has been a drawn out effort by the HUD department to confirm the actual number of homeless people in an attempt to better see where the funds can be spent. The HUD secretary Ben Carson has made it clear that he does not want to just throw money at California’s homeless epidemic, and I tend to agree with that position since handing the Democrats millions of dollars in unrestricted funds has not worked well.

Just look at the City of Los Angeles which spent $619 million dollars last year alone addressing homelessness…the problem got worse. All told the city of LA has spent billions trying to tackle homelessness over the years and it never gets any better. We have to stop wasting money and assess before we fix the mess.

The Democrats have opened up the borders, decriminalized drugs, abolished anti-camping laws in the inner cities, sat and watched the homeless problems grow, then try to declare an emergency and secure billions in federal funding. It is a scam, and sadly millions of lives are being destroyed or adversely affected in the process. Only a fool would believe these Democrats could fix the mess that they themselves created.

This move by Gavin Newsom to release these funds without Federal approval is very dangerous and flouts too many checks and balances. We cannot allow him to get away with this because it sets a dangerous precedent for future spending. This really looks like Newsom just desperately wants to get this money out before it starts becoming more difficult to acquire this type of funding.

This is a one-time allocation of discretionary funding that has “minimal strings attached.”

The most telling part is that these funds are “unrestricted funds” meaning that the scope of what they can spend the money on is very broad. There is no real plan of attack with this money, Newsom is handing millions over to CA counties and just saying ‘produce results’, I might be more optimistic if these counties weren’t being run by the same people that have already failed to fix the problem!

When the government promises to fix something, spends billions of our tax dollars, then fail to fix the problem, the last thing we should do is give them more money without asking any questions as to where it is being spent!

So the main people here who are politicizing or weaponizing this issue are the Democrats, essentially dragging their feet on this issue to keep federal funds flowing in while the HUD Sec. Ben Carson just wants to find a permanent solution without carelessly spending money.

If they spend more money again without waiting for proper authorization, this should be considered theft in my opinion. That is exactly what Gavin Newsom is doing in this situation. He is planning to spend hundreds of millions of dollars that are not properly authorized to be spent. Simply because he is “frustrated” that the Federal government is finally asking questions about where it spends money!

Funny how the Democrats love “resistance” until they meet it.

I really hope the Trump administration finds a way to sue the California Democrats for this dangerous move to spend money without going through all of the proper channels first.

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