San Diego joins Trump fight against California Sanctuary Laws!


The San Diego County Board of Supervisors today voted 3-2 in a closed session to once again support the Trump administration’s lawsuit against California over the state’s insane sanctuary laws.

Sanctuary Laws limit the local police role in immigration enforcement by protecting illegal aliens and allows for the flourishing of crime-related activities.

SB 54 was the most famous as it sets stricter guidelines on when local law enforcement officers can turn immigrants over to federal immigration enforcement agencies. SB 54 forbids local law enforcement from working immigration cases.

Then there was AB 103 which prohibits local governments from adding new immigration detention contracts or expanding old ones with the federal government. It also specifies that the California AG must continually check the conditions at all immigration detention facilities in the state.

And AB 450 was the most awful as it prohibits employers from voluntarily letting immigration officials like ICE into non-public areas of the workplace, unless the officers have warrants. It also specifies that a business owner must notify employees about upcoming immigration inspections, which would of course act as a tip-off mechanic to warn illegal aliens of potential deportations.

This marks the second time that the San Diego Board of Supervisors have voted to side with the Trump administration in their fight against these crazy Sanctuary City laws that put every citizen in America at great risk. In 2018, the Board voted 3 to 1 in favor of joining a lawsuit against Sanctuary Laws.

You may all remember in late 2017 there was a small uprising of cities and counties across California that joined the Trump administration in their fight against Sanctuary Laws…

That effort ultimately failed, but President Trump is no quitter. He withdrew, reassessed, regrouped, regathered his strength, and now he is gearing up to take the fight to the next level and present his case to the Supreme Court. The fight is certainly not over.

San Diego county joining the amicus brief to support President Donald Trump’s lawsuit is a big win for the President. The support will lend a lot of credibility to the President’s case against Sanctuary Cities.

San Diego is the 8th largest city in America. It is home to many large and small businesses and even important military bases. About 33% of the county is made up of Hispanics or Latinos. Illegal immigration has brought a lot of crime and corruption to the area and the residents are well aware of what has been happening.

You may not see them protesting in the streets, but many people (of all different races) are very upset that our government has failed to secure the borders and deport the illegal aliens that have invaded our nation by the millions, driving down our wages and spreading crime.

I think most of us can accept having a few hundred thousand illegal aliens in the entire country, but to have tens of millions of them and more coming over is absolutely unacceptable. It is slowly eroding away our American identity and culture.

That is the problem with these Sanctuary laws, they encourage many millions of individuals to flagrantly violate our sacred borders which in turn diminishes respect for the American rule of law at all levels of society. A country without borders simply isn’t a country and will rot away due to outside influence.

Despite what the Liberal media will try to tell you, these Sanctuary Cities are not safer than the areas that actually allow immigration enforcement. In fact, in these Sanctuary areas is where you see the greatest level of the more sophisticated criminal enterprises.

And if police are forbidden by Sanctuary Laws from even inquiring about immigration status in the first place, how would you ever know if illegals are disproportionately committing more crimes than the local population?

The propaganda being spread by certain media outlets that seek to downplay the effect that illegal immigration has on our nation is extremely dangerous. The reality is that hundreds of Mexican Mafia and members of other nefarious organizations are using these Sanctuary Laws as cover for criminal activity.

In some cases, even war criminals and human-rights abusers have used our broken immigration system to hideout in the United States to avoid justice overseas.

I am very thankful that at least 3 out of the 5 supervisors on the board in San Diego were smart enough to see that Sanctuary Laws must be abolished immediately and that President Trump has a real shot at getting it done with this particular Supreme Court.

The fight against Sanctuary Laws that protect criminal illegal aliens is not over by a longshot, and perhaps the real fighting hasn’t even begun, one thing is for sure, President Trump is not going to quit until he gets it done…Given this President’s track record of success, I say there is a high probability of that happening eventually.

California is a state with too many problems as it is, and new problems pop up every single day. We have serious crime issues, serious corruption issues, and serious societal issues. We don’t need to add masses of uneducated and unassimilated illegal aliens into the mix.

We are already a state in chaos, a state losing its identity to a sick and twisted form of multiculturalism. We are currently a state without a clear future, a state with no real place in the world. We are being used by the Globalists as a wrench in the wheels of the Trump agenda.

Our roads and bridges are in terrible condition, our taxes are sky high, our gas prices are through the roof, our schools are complete crap, our parks are turning into homeless camps, our energy grid is failing, our state is burning, our government is corrupt, and for some reason our “leaders” are obsessed with protecting illegal aliens and fighting President Trump? Enough!


God Bless President Trump and the Board members that voted to support his noble crusade against the open borders socialists. May God protect them in their fight. I am confident that we will win this battle.

God Bless all of the California Patriots that are out there fighting day and night to save our beloved state from those that have tried to ruin her. Never stop fighting for this state, the Democrats do not deserve to keep such a glorious prize without a serious fight! I will never stop fighting and I am inspired to see that you are fighting right alongside me!

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