Newsom blames Trump for California’s growing homeless epidemic


The Far-Left Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, and a host of other California “leaders” are blaming President Trump for not doing enough to fix a ballooning homeless problem that they themselves created in California…

“On behalf of a broad, bipartisan coalition of California’s elected mayors and members of county Board of Supervisors, we invite you to collaborate with us on solutions – tied to FEDERAL INVESTMENTS – to address homelessness and housing insecurity” -Gavin Newsom

You will notice how important it was for Gavin Newsom to mention that any collaboration from President Trump must come in the form of “Federal Investments”

That is what this is all about, big money, the California Democrats want more Federal dollars. They are depending on that money to make themselves and their friends richer during their time in office.

13 mayors from the largest cities in California signed the letter…the majority of them are Democrats of course. The few Republicans in the bunch sound a lot like Democrats. This is so rich coming from Gavin Newsom who literally went to El Salvador this year to learn how California could do more to help them. Gavin Newsom who just passed a budget which allotted millions of dollars of taxpayer money to help illegal aliens avoid deportation.

The California Democrats under the leadership of Moonbeam Brown made the homeless problem is California far worse by passing insane laws like Proposition 47, which decriminalized many acts and put more people on the streets. Now under Gavin Newsom, the problem has only gotten worse. It seems to me the play here has been to increase federal funding to supposedly fight homelessness, then the money will ultimately be funneled back into Democrat coffers.

Perhaps instead of banning straws they could, you know, ban people from camping in the streets? Our tax dollars are subsidizing these homeless anyway, so it would be better for them and everyone else if the chronic homeless were either in a jail cell or a mental health facility. As long as they are allowed to keep sleeping in the streets and doing drugs, getting welfare payments, nothing will change. This is the cycle of dependency Democrats rely on for votes.


If you didn’t already know, out of all 50 states in the USA, California receives the MOST money from the Federal government. California receives far more money than it gives to the Federal government, so don’t ever let anyone tell you that California somehow subsidizes red states, that claim is patently false. California is unable to take care of itself, let alone any other states.

In the letter sent to President Trump, the socialist Governor of California heaps praises upon himself for supposedly making fighting homelessness a “top priority” of his, while claiming the Trump administration hasn’t done enough to fix the problem. Why should Trump fix a problem the Democrats are responsible for creating?

Is this what it looks like when a Democrat makes something their “top priority”? They either aren’t doing anything at all, or are busy making the problem worse. Similar to when Obama made healthcare his top priority, our healthcare system deteriorated.

We often hear from the Liberals how rich California supposedly is, how great its policies are, how it “leads the country”. The opposite is true, California is in massive debt and the insane policies passed by Democrats have only exacerbated the problems. Other states are looking at California as a model of how NOT to run their states…

Why should President Trump help the California Democrats when they have declared themselves completely opposed to his agenda? This isn’t how American politics is supposed to work, you don’t get to make unlimited demands of your opponent while giving them no concessions of your own. If you want something, you have to be prepared to give something. So far, the state of California has given nothing to the Trump administration.

Homelessness has increased, not decreased, in almost every part of the state! How can insane Gavin Newsom claim that he is making “fighting homelessness a top priority” when every statistical measure says otherwise? I refuse to believe that so many Californians are dumb enough to fall for the obvious lies pushed by our “leaders”.

There is no way the Democrats are winning all of these elections fairly and without engaging in some type of voter fraud. Whether that is using illegal aliens to vote, registering homeless, using dead people to vote, ballot harvesting, and other insidious techniques, there is nothing they won’t do to stay in power.

I had a feeling the homeless problem would eventually reach a point where Democrats would have no choice but to try to blame Republicans for it, despite the obvious fact that the Democrats run California with an iron fist. They can pass virtually any legislation they like, they even have the local courts in their pockets for the most part. So to try to blame President Trump in any way, shape, or form for the homeless problem created by Democrats, well, that is virtually insane.

If anything, President Trump has given California businesses a tiny bit of breathing room by being so good for our economy. Without President Trump’s economic revival, it would be even more difficult for California businesses to deal with job-killing regulations like $15/hr minimum wage.

Today President Trump is visiting the state of California, and for a week or two now he already had staffers on the ground visiting homeless camps and touring the state. President Trump doesn’t have to help California, but he doesn’t like to see Americans suffering. As much as I think he should leave Newsom and the Democrats out in the lurch to face the wrath of the people, I think he will help if he can, I only hope he doesn’t bail out the Dems without having them make major concessions to his agenda.

God Bless President Trump for helping California in ways that our “leaders” refuse to do. The Democrats don’t want us to be free and independent, they want us to be slaves and dependent on them for survival, so that we have to keep voting for them. Well I say no more. That is why I voted for Trump in 2016, and that is why I will vote for him in 2020 as well. May God bless him.

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