San Francisco declares NRA a “domestic terror organization”

In the latest insanity to come out of San Francisco, the SF Board of Supervisors has declared that the National Rifle Association (NRA) is a “domestic terrorist organization”, citing a July shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival. Despite the fact that the Gilroy shooting had absolutely nothing to do with the NRA. The shooter was not a member of the NRA, nor was the shooting caused by the NRA in any way, shape, or form.

The National Rifle Association fired back in a statement to KTVU:

“This ludicrous stunt by the Board of Supervisors is an effort to distract from the real problems facing San Francisco, such as rampant homelessness, drug abuse and skyrocketing petty crime, to name a few,”

“The NRA will continue working to protect the constitutional rights of all freedom-loving Americans.”

The NRA has a good point. Why are the leaders in San Francisco so concerned with denouncing the NRA when SF has so many other more pressings issues to deal with? Namely all of the human waste and used needles littering the streets. They have some serious issues in California with assaults involving homeless drug addicts.

The resolution claims that America is “plagued by an epidemic of gun violence”, yeah, maybe they have never heard of ANTIFA before? If you ask me it’s more like we are being plagued by an epidemic of Liberal violence and bad policy-making…

The denunciation carries no legal weight, so that makes it even more pointless. Democrat politicians rarely have to actually work for their constituents, they can just waste time with toothless virtue signals that ultimately do nothing. The NRA isn’t hurt by this at all, not that they should be, but it just shows how Democrats like to pass these meaningless resolutions.

This is typical of Democrats to shift attention away from any problems they have caused. They avoided all mentions of the Water Crisis in Democrat-run Flint until the problems became impossible to ignore. Then they shifted to somehow blaming Republicans for the whole mess when it was clearly Democrat policies that lead to the Flint Water Crisis.

Look at all the problems in the Sanctuary Cities with major crime. Murder and property crimes remain fairly high, especially in areas like San Francisco. The California Democrats have been very destructive to our society. They have eroded away social norms, we never would have accepted so many homeless before now.

We would have been fine with just arresting them all and getting them off the streets and sorting the problem. Now it has become almost impossible to arrest people for illegal camping, littering, public urination, public defecation, public intoxication, and a host of other crimes if the person claims to be homeless.

This is a direct result of strict Democrat policies that are pushed through with very little opposition from California Republicans that have been totally shut out of California’s decision making process. Before 2018, Republicans already had very little power in California, after 2018, Republicans were reduced to political irrelevancy here.

Republicans need to start doing a better job of pinning the Democrat created problems on the Donkey…

HOLD IT RIGHT THERE CALICONSERVATIVE! Yes, it is me everyone, everyone’s favorite Libtard, the one and only CaliLiberal! I am here to shut down CaliConservative and this hateful right-wing xenophobic neo-nazi pro-gun NRA propaganda! SAY NO WAY TO THE NRA! SAY NO WAY TO THE NRA!!

CaliLiberal, what the heck are you doing here? How did you even get inside, I built a wall around my property and I thought I locked the door…

You did build a wall and yeah you locked your door, but I drove my Prius through your immoral wall and I hired a few Cambodian lockpickers to get through your racist door! You have no right to keep me off of your private property!

Damn it CaliLiberal! Get the hell off of my property before I make you leave! And I don’t even need a gun to deal with you’re weak malnourished body, that soy and vegan lifestyle has sapped your strength!

Wait CaliConservative, don’t kick me out….the truth is I came here to ask you to borrow money… I am getting kicked out of my apartment in San Francisco. You wouldn’t believe how high the rents are there!

I can guess how high they are, probably as high as you are right now. What makes you think that I would ever loan you money? If you can’t afford to pay your rent then maybe you should move to a cheaper area…

That isn’t as easy as it sounds CaliCon!! In what other city besides San Francisco am I supposed to find another job using my quad-major in Gender Studies, Queer Theory, Sociology, and Child Development? I took out $135,000 in student loans to get those majors. I tell ya if Capitalism wasn’t such a failure I would have a six figure job right now!

CaliLiberal, aren’t you working 4 hours a week at a local coffee shop called “Hot Coffee Enema” for minimum wage? You aren’t putting your degrees to use at all! Not that you could ever put such useless degrees to good use anyway, but I am sure you can find a better job in some other Liberal city.

Well I can’t work more than 4 hours or they will take my welfare away…and I guess I could look for a job in Chicago, but I worry about all shootings! I wonder when criminals will start listening to our gun ban? I bet they are probably being told to keep illegally buying weapons by the NRA! HEY HEY, HO HO, NRA HAS GOT TO GO! HEY HEY, HO HO, NRA HAS GOT TO GO!

OK CaliLiberal, you didn’t want to leave peacefully so you are forcing me to resort to drastic measures. I didn’t want to do this…

*CaliConservative reaches behind his back*

Really CaliConservative!? You’re gonna use a gun on me?!

*CaliConservative pulls out a piece of paper*

What is that CaliCon?!

It’s the thing you fear worse than anything, it’s a job application for a real full-time job.

*CaliLiberal immediately disappears in a puff of smoke*

The End.

Thanks for reading everyone! I wanted to give a quick update, I am still 100% working on this website and I have many articles that are coming down the pipeline. I am a little bit busy with real life as I do work a full-time job, so I am only able to work on the website during my free time and days off, that slows down the updating process somewhat.

But like I said, I am still here and I am working on a ton of new articles, also I am still working on launching the pop-culture section of the website to cover the SJW propaganda being pushed by Hollywood! So stay tuned because there is a lot of free content coming your way! I plan to keep running this website for at least as long as Trump is President, maybe longer if things go well!

Thank you all God Bless America!

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