Illegal Alien suspected in Des Moines triple murder

Iowa – Marvin Oswaldo Esquivel-Lopez, a 31-year old residing in the US illegally is charged with three counts of first degree murder. Police say he allegedly killed a family of three. The family had been renting his downstairs basement at the time. The victims, 29 year-old Rossibeth Flores Rodriguez, her 11 year-old daughter Grecia, and her five year-old son Ever. According to Des Moines Public Schools, Grecia had just completed fifth grade and Ever was about to start kindergarten.

The vile illegal alien is now being held on an ICE detainer.

The Democrats literally cry for illegal alien children safely detained at the border, yet we hear nothing from them about the countless women and children that are harmed or murdered by illegal aliens inside the United States. From rapes to murders, illegal aliens are responsible for all manner of heinous acts against citizens, crimes that are routinely swept under the rug by the big media outlets.

Just look at the headline from NBC News:


“Male Housemate” arrested? Umm, maybe they just haven’t updated their article with the very important fact that he was an ILLEGAL ALIEN. But there is an edited note on the article, so they have updated the article at some point, yet they are neglecting to state the fact that this was an illegal alien.

Thankfully Iowa is a state that is vehemently against Sanctuary City policies. The Governor of Iowa recently passed a law that places severe penalties on cities or towns that choose to ignore Federal immigration laws. Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has made it clear that he will withhold state funding to any cities or counties that intentionally violate immigration laws. In 2016 the State of Iowa voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump.

Despite being a Conservative state as a whole, some of the more populated urban areas like Des Moines and Iowa City lean more towards the mental disorder known as Liberalism.

More needs to be done in order to prevent these horrific situations from taking place. We have strict laws already on the books to process illegal aliens accordingly and deport them. The problem is that those laws were never properly enforced. We also have laws that strictly punish any illegal aliens that reenter the country after being deported, again those laws were never properly enforced.

Thankfully now that President Trump is in charge we are starting to see our existing immigration laws being better utilized. Punishing illegal aliens for crossing the border illegally is crucial. We cannot accept the dangerous Liberal talking point that crossing the border illegally is not a punishable crime. It is a crime and we must start punishing people for violating immigration law long before they have the chance to hurt anyone.

If we had better enforcement of our immigration laws then countless lives could have been saved by now and the longer that we wait to act the more we put people at risk of being harmed by an illegal alien.

We can’t keep waiting until an illegal alien robs, rapes, or kills someone before we decide to deport. We must be proactive in this crisis and it is better to deport now than to suffer disastrous consequences later. Illegal aliens are very prone to commit additional crimes after illegally entering the country, we must recognize this fact.

The sole act of illegally crossing the border is enough of a serious crime in order for us to deport immediately. We have zero obligation to help these illegal aliens. They should be staying in their own countries and voting for new politicians, or overthrowing their failed and oppressive government. I know that is easier said than done and many people will die in a violent revolution or uprising, but in order to obtain freedom and prosperity sacrifices must be made.

We can no longer continue to be the dumping ground for the world’s refuse. President Trump was right when he came down that escalator and announced his presidency, they are NOT sending their best and their brightest. They are sending us trash human beings like this Marvin Oswaldo Esquivel-Lopez scum. Rapists, murderers, drug dealers and gang members pouring in by the thousands and the open borders politicians in Washington D.C. seem to be totally fine with it.

President Trump is truly the only one that is fighting like hell to secure our country and deport these illegal aliens before more people are harmed. We need to support him as much as possible right now as the Democrats are launching yet another all out assault on the President. Week after week they unleash their propaganda machine and attack our great President, we must stay strong in order to fend off their attacks!

Deporting these illegal aliens and punishing the criminal law breakers to the fullest extent of the law must be a priority! If we don’t send a strong message to the illegal alien community than they will continue to violate our laws!

We must also recognize the fact that they certainly do vote in our elections, especially when certain politicians are promising them Sanctuary. The insanity needs to stop now! We must do everything we can do secure our borders and stop the illegal alien invasion. Countless lives are at stake and it is our duty as citizens to ensure that we have a safe and secure country.

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