U.S. Soldiers rescue two illegal aliens

EL PASO, Texas – Two illegal aliens are alive today thanks to the quick action of two U.S. Army soldiers and the U.S. Border Patrol. The pair were rescued from canal waters on the U.S. border in El Paso.

The rescue unfolded when two soldiers, who are part of a Mobile Surveillance Team assisting U.S. Customs and Border Protection on the southwest border, saw a migrant family enter the canal near downtown. They observed a Guatemalan woman and her child start to struggle in the swift moving and dangerous water and then submerge completely.

Rescues such as these are expected to occur more often as we officially entered summer Friday.  Environments along our southern border such as the Chihuahua Desert or the canals in El Paso often pose hidden dangers of which most people are unaware of.  The United States Border Patrol will continue to monitor these areas in an attempt to preserve life while maintaining our national security.

These rescues are an everyday occurrence down at the U.S.-Mexico Border, especially right now with the massive influx of people crossing in remote or dangerous areas. Illegal aliens are constantly putting themselves in great danger when crossing illegally into the United States and often times the only people there to respond are the Border Patrol agents.

One soldier jumped into the water to rescue the woman and her child, while the other used his shirt as a makeshift lifeline until U.S. Border Patrol agents arrived and threw them a rescue line.  The soldiers and Border Patrol agents safely rescued the pair and no injuries were reported.

Just wow. These soldiers and Border Patrol agents are real heroes. They don’t see race or ethnicity, they just see a person that needs help. They aren’t kidnapping or stealing any children. The lies being spread on social media about Border Patrol are disgustingly untrue. There are no concentration camps on the border filled with Mexican babies being tossed in cages as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would have you believe.

If one person dies while being detained by Border Patrol the Left-Wing media will point it out vigorously, but they ignore the thousands of rescues being performed by our Border Patrol agents and the assisting National Guard and U.S. Military.

It is actually the illegal alien adults that are putting these illegal alien children in danger by dragging them across the border and putting them into dangerous situations where they might get hurt.


Border Agents and supporting assets are often putting themselves in harms way when rescuing these illegal aliens. Yet the Left still have the nerve to call this country racist and say we are running concentration camps when we are actually helping these illegal aliens way more than we need to!! They are ultimately still criminals and we shouldn’t be overly compassionate toward them under any circumstances.

U.S. Soldiers working at the border are not there to rescue stranded illegal aliens, they are there to help stop drugs and human trafficking from flowing into the country. They are there to make sure terrorists don’t enter the country. Every time an illegal alien has to be rescued we divert precious security resources that are needed elsewhere.

Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are currently eating up precious border security resources and more illegal aliens continue to pour into the country, making the situation very volatile. We are going above and beyond the ideals of compassion in the soft way we are dealing with these illegal aliens that are invading our country and it is hurting us in a big way. Again these people are ultimately still criminals.

We are spending billions of taxpayer dollars to process/detain illegal aliens and often times the illegal aliens will still gain access to the country. Given a future court date that they will most likely not attend because they already skipped the line anyway. That is totally unfair to the long list of people waiting to enter the country legally!

We must build a wall and pass laws that allow us to IMMEDIATELY DEPORT illegal aliens if we are to survive as a nation. President Trump only has 6 more years in office and I am worried about what will happen after he is no longer the President. I know for sure that radicals like AOC are not going to stop trying to tear down our borders and this fight will go on for decades to come.

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