LAPD and Los Angeles Sheriff refuse to support ICE.

The Los Angeles Police Department has issued an official statement that it will not support ICE during any raids relating to President Trump’s recent push for a mass deportation sweep. The Los Angeles County Sheriff has also announced that he will not work with ICE to help remove illegal aliens from Los Angeles County.


Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva in May sent out the following tweet in regards to his refusal to allow the Los Angeles Sherrifs to participate in the ICE Warrant Officer program:


It is truly a sad day in Los Angeles when our own law enforcement agency is making this statement against ICE at the same time that Mexico is deciding to send 15,000 Mexican soldiers to the Border to help stem the tide of illegals crossing into the United States. So the Mexican government will be doing more to stop illegals than the LAPD and Sheriffs are doing to stop them!

I never thought our own law enforcement could become so cucked…but here we are in this Brave New World the Liberals have built for us! If it wasn’t for President Trump and ICE those of us still stuck in Los Angeles would have literally no one helping to protect us from illegal aliens!!

Now we in the CaliConservative Nation very strongly support Law Enforcement. They have one of the hardest jobs in the country and they certainly earn our respect here. That is why this is so frustrating because we Conservatives are the ones that actually support the police and want them to be able to do their job while these damn Liberals are the ones that trash them all day and make their jobs hell.

I have no doubt in my mind that many of the rank and file officers in the LAPD and L.A. Sheriffs actually do want to work with ICE. They really don’t want to continue to ignore immigration laws. I am sure that many police officers indeed want to secure our country and deport the illegals because they know the truth that illegal immigration causes an increase in all sorts of crime related activity.

Many Police strongly support President Trump’s agenda to make the country safer and they want to take an active role in helping make that happen. But they are being told that they legally cannot help ICE agents.

These refusals to work with ICE are being made at the highest levels of our state government and the upper echelons of local law enforcement agencies. Los Angeles County does not have a real Sheriff in charge, instead we have a Social Justice Warrior that thinks he is a Democrat politician. A sheriff that is willing to put millions of American Citizens living in Los Angeles at great risk. A sheriff willing to undermine the current federal immigration laws of the nation.

Not only do illegal aliens pose a physical safety threat towards American Citizens and legal residents, but they also wreak havoc on our labor pool and economy. Illegal aliens take up valuable jobs and careers that should belong to American Citizens or other legal immigrants. They also are taking up precious homes and apartments that are desperately needed in a state with an out of control housing crisis.

The Los Angeles Police Department are already essentially forbidden by Sanctuary Laws to engage in any activity that may support ICE’s mandate to deport illegal aliens. So why did they feel the need to make a public statement to undermine ICE? This statement put out by the LAPD was made purely to ease the minds of illegal aliens living in Los Angeles. A better statement would have been one that eases the minds of American Citizens by supporting ICE’s mission.

I understand that for LAPD it’s harder to help ICE due to the sanctuary laws passed by the insane state government, but for the Sherrifs department it is totally within their power to help ICE by participating in the Warrant Service Officer program. The program that would allow ICE to give special designation and training to select local police that can help arrest illegal aliens currently present in our jails. This program is a total win-win-win and we should be fully participating.

Instead they are issuing statements that are seemingly designed to be a slap in the face to the American Citizens. The LAPD can pander to LGBTQ folks and Black Lives Matter all day but they can’t stand up to illegal aliens and help to deport them? This is NOT just a federal issue, this is a local issue. We locals are the ones that have to live next to these illegal aliens. We are the ones that have to compete against them in the workforce. We are the ones that have to send our children to increasingly overcrowded schools filled with illegals.

This isn’t right and it needs to stop. To feel like we have no support on this issue from our own law enforcement is devastating, but we cannot let it deter us from supporting the President and his decision to deport illegal aliens by the millions. Now is the time to stand strong on our founding principles and to clearly reinstate our sovereignty as a country by securing our borders and deporting illegal aliens.

We especially need mass deportations in California where voter fraud is running rampant…in fact voter fraud is probably the reason why Los Angeles has an SJW Sheriff now that I think of it…

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