Three MS-13 members arrested in North Hollywood slaying of homeless man

Three members of the notorious Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang were arrested in early morning raids at 10 locations throughout the San Fernando Valley. They are accused of shooting and killing a homeless man while he slept at a rec center in North Hollywood. The vicious gang has been a frequent target of President Trump and many Democrats have denied that the gang poses any real threat.

According to Los Angeles police, the men are suspected of shooting a homeless man named Bradley Hanaway to death on Jan. 14, 2019, while he slept at the Valley Plaza Recreation Center, located at 12240 Archwood St.


MS-13 is also believed to be responsible for at least five violent assaults which occurred at the rec center just after Hanaway’s killing, police report. The suspects were not immediately identified and more MS-13 gang members remain at large in connection with Hanaway’s killing. Officials said the killing is part of an attempt by MS-13 to establish a foothold in the area. Hanaway was a documented gang member and MS-13 was issuing challenges to local gangs as part of their takeover efforts.

Detectives suspect the MS-13 gang murdered Hanaway as part of efforts to establish a presence in the North Hollywood neighborhood which surrounds the rec center, police said, as well as threaten rival gangs. Yes the gang is actively taking over territory in California.

Weapons, ammunition and gang paraphernalia were seized as well during the raids.

All of this is happening while our leaders in California just keep fighting the Trump administrations efforts to secure our borders and they refuse to go after gangs like MS-13 to stop them from spreading. I have no doubts that MS-13 and others are behaving this way to take advantage of California’s insane Sanctuary policies.

The Democrats need to stop being a bunch of cry baby resisters and actually start working with the President to get things done. We have so many problems in our state, from homelessness to high costs of living, so to have to deal with MS13 taking over neighborhoods is really putting alot of stress on an already bad situation.

The Democrats cannot continue down the path of supporting open borders and groups like MS13. We are reaching the breaking point and it is insane that California Democrats like Kamala Harris and Eric Swalwell actually think they can become President with what they have allowed to happen here in California. Also don’t forget Nancy Pelosi who is elected year after year to represent California and then does nothing to actually help our state.

It is time to start holding these politicians accountable for what they have done to California. They have turned our state into a battleground for drug gangs and human traffickers. California has become the hub for drugs and sex slaves and the Democrats seem keen on letting it continue.

We must continue to speak out and raise awareness about how the Democrats are encouraging the spread of gangs like MS13 by supporting Sanctuary Policies. We must have a very strict immigration system if we are to ensure that our communities are free from murderous gangs that live by the motto “Rape, Control, Kill”.

The police become weaker by the day due to Liberal leaders stripping them of their ability to do their job effectively. While they also strip the California Citizens right to own a firearm and defend themselves! It is really getting outrageous and the situation is growing more desperate!

In order to secure our state and put us on a path towards a safe, secure, and more prosperous society we must elect new leadership. The corrupt Liberal establishment currently in charge is dangerously unhinged at the moment as President Trump is undoing all the open borders policy of the previous administration.

They are more interested in resisting Trump than they are in helping the American people.

What do you think will happen in the next few years? Can California be helped or are we beyond saving? Comment below. Thank you.

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