INSANE California court rules weed OK for prisoners…

We used to think getting sentenced to prison was a very serious punishment that means you lose virtually all of your societal privileges. But in the insanely Liberal state of California going to prison means you still have access to all sorts of stuff! In fact now you can even have marijuana in prison now.

So long as you don’t inhale it or consume it…and I am sure these convicted criminals would never do such a thing!

Thanks to the ruling by the 3rd District Court of Appeals inmates can now possess marijuana while they are serving their sentence in prison. The decision directly overturned the Sacramento County’s convictions of five inmates that had marijuana inside of their prison cells.

However, I don’t think the Court is entirely at fault for this decision. The 3rd Circuit Court argued that the initiative passed by California voters in 2016 to legalize marijuana failed to specifically prohibit inmates from possessing those dank green buds.

And this brings us to the dangers of passing legislation without fully considering the ramifications and consequences of the new laws. Too often this type of carelessness happens in California, laws will be passed with one specific purpose and will end up producing dozens of different outcomes…except for the intended original purpose.

Marijuana legalization so far has spectacularly failed the state of California. An overwhelming majority of the known marijuana dispensers have failed to register for the proper permits to legally sell marijuana. Who could blame them? They were making a sweet sweet profit before legalization and then all of a sudden here comes the California government trying to tax them and they are saying F-off! So the State has not taken in anywhere near the amount of money promised by the proponents of legalization.

In fact we are spending lots of money going after the huge number of illegal marijuana dispensaries that are still running without a license.

Now prisoners will have increased access to marijuana and the ability to legally posses while in prison. This is just totally insane. A horrible unintended consequence of rushed legislation. Much more care needs to be taken into passing these types of laws. I am glad other states are not recklessly barreling ahead with legalization and they are actually thinking out the ramifications and consequences.

I personally think most smart Americans are capable of responsibly having safe access to marijuana. But definitely I think most of us can agree that people in prison should not have the ability to legally posses marijuana. Tobacco is already illegal in pretty much every prison. A pack of cigarettes can fetch a lot of cash, now how much more will marijuana sell for?

What do you think? Should prison inmates have legal access to marijuana?

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