Border Patrol Bees strike again!

The journey towards the borders of the great USA is one fraught with many perils, but none quite like these vicious little creatures. Bees. Yes, those tiny commonly black and yellow insects that are known for stinging you and making sweet honey? Well it seems they have a secondary purpose as well, protecting the Homeland.

I am waiting on CNN and MSNBC to declare that these are genetically-engineered MAGA Bees, that were bred to be violent towards illegal aliens…

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Paid for by the Bees for Safer Borders Coalition

A Border Patrol agent in the Rio Grande Valley encountered a particularly nasty swarm of bees that had entered his patrol unit. After ensuring that the bees had completely left his patrol unit, he decided to return to the area where he encountered the bees, what he found was shocking…

 A jacket and a bundle lay there entirely swarmed with thousands of bees, but upon further inspection, the Border Patrol agent found that the bundle was in fact a person. Yes a woman was laying there covered in thousands of bees. The Border Agent called for the woman to get up and move towards the patrol unit. When the woman stood, the agent noticed that the woman was covering a small child.

The Border Agent was able to get the woman and child safely inside the patrol unit. The Border Agent called an ambulance, but the child began vomiting, so the Agent decided himself to drive them to the hospital directly. Don’t worry everyone, because this story has a happy ending, thanks to our tax-dollars and generous system the mother and her child are expected to recover. And they will probably live happily ever after in a sanctuary city…on welfare.

The strange thing is that a incident similar to this one happened not long ago. A woman and her child were swarmed by bees immediately after entering the country illegally. So that means that Bees have officially done more to secure our nation than the do-nuthin’ Democrats have!

Certainly we can avoid a lot of backlash from Liberal-Progressives when it is Mother Nature herself that is trying to deter these illegal aliens from crossing.

No but seriously, all jokes aside.

We are in a critical moment for our nation. The future is being decided at this very moment and we have a choice. Do we act decisively and boldly to secure our nation? Or do we leave the flood gates open until we wake up one day in a country we no longer recognize?

All along the Border there are increased reports of drug trafficking and illegal alien activity. The Cartels have launched an all out assault on our Borders. Trying to get in as much as they can before the wall goes up and it becomes much harder to get things across. Make no mistake, President Trump in all likelihood will succeed in getting the wall done and some kind of immigration reform passed, so there is a desperate scramble to enter the country right now.

People across the world know that President Trump is not a joke. He means precisely what he says and when he says he wants to shut down illegal immigration people know it is true. Never before has anyone taken such bold action as President Trump has, doing nearly everything within his power to deter illegal immigration, including deploying military assets to the border.

I do think he could go even more tough on the Border, other Presidents have started wars halfway around the world, so why can’t President Trump get extra tough on the Border? We are in a major crisis that is on par with the refugee crisis that Europe experienced in 2015, a crisis that changed Europe forever. We cannot allow the same thing to happen here. We must secure our borders like never before!

We need a military mindset right now at the Border because it is an actual war and an invasion that is happening.

These illegals are jumping the line ahead of many people waiting to legally enter the nation. They are NOT immigrants. These illegals purposefully put themselves in harms way then have no problem with our Border Agents rescuing them. They know that what they are doing is illegal and extremely dangerous.

Our brave Border Patrol agents are out there day after day rescuing countless illegal aliens and they still get called racists by the insane Left. The insanity needs to stop and a serious solution to stop the unrelenting tidal wave of illegal immigrants pouring into the country needs to come very soon.

We need to fight like never before and do everything we can to support President Trump in his fight to secure our country! Now is the time to start giving it everything you have! We can save our nation if we all work together!


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