Uniformed Police BANNED from Sacramento Pride events

CALIFORNIA – Apparently some LGBTQ folks are so triggered by police officers in uniform that the LGBT Community Center has decided to ban uniformed police officers from participating in upcoming pride events. A number of queer activists are complaining that they do not feel safe around police in uniform.

David Heitstuman is the executive director for the Sacramento LGBT Community Center that hosts the Pride parade and festival.

“There is a lot of unrest in our community right now,” Heitstuman said. “There’s not a lot of trust in police institutions. Not just in the LGBTQ community, but certainly in the black community and other communities of color. Those folks are also marginalized in our community.”

Sacramento police did not participate in last year’s Pride events, which took place a few months after the deadly police shooting of Stephon Clark, an unarmed suspect.

Notice how the Black Community and “other communities of color” also get lumped in with the alphabet soup LGBTQ group? They take advantage of whatever group or event they can to push their own agenda. The shooting of Stephon Clark had absolutely NOTHING to do with the LGBT community! They simply used that poor man’s death to push for the removal of uniformed police from pride events and it actually worked!

STOP IT! You stupid, homophobic, straight, CIS-gendered, capitalist, misogynistic, xenophobic, racist pig! Yes you CaliConservative! You should just leave California if you don’t like the Progressive Utopia (or Queertopia) that we are building for you!

Your disgusting Fascist Nazi Police are literally killing LGBT people just by wearing their uniforms around them! Now silence your stupid free speech and sit there while I berate you and insult you and wish harm on you for supporting Trump! And don’t you dare criticize me back or I will call you a homophobe and say you made me suicidal!!

Queer people like me and other people of color are being beaten in the streets, denied healthcare, being fired from jobs, and losing on every lottery ticket I buy! That is all the fault of disgusting straight people like you! So now we must make everyone else gay and attack them for being straight! Ban police uniforms because they trigger me! Also I am a socialist that wants a Green New Deal to takeover the economy!!

Power down CaliQueer, you are getting hysterical! Don’t be a stereotype hysterical power bottom kind of gay. Listen to me OK, stop acting all oppressed! Gay people are more accepted than ever before. Gay people are certainly NOT being attacked openly in the streets for being gay, except of course in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa! Gay people in America are not being denied any basic human right, that is just a lie from Progressives (Queergressives?) to push their agenda.

They have to manufacture emotional sympathy from their base so they make up wild claims like LGBT people being “denied healthcare” due solely to the fact that they were LGBT, when in reality there are many other reasons why something like that would happen. It is like whenever a Black man is shot by police these people immediately assume racism when 9.9 times out of 10 there was a justifiable reason why it happened. They don’t actually care about racism or oppression, they just want to use the issues to gain political power.

I am sorry to tell the LGBT radicals that they are absolutely not oppressed in California, this is probably the gayest state in the Union. If it was ever harnessed as an energy source the concentration of gayness in San Francisco alone could power a mid-sized country!

One of the biggest problems with the modern LGBT movement is that it has become heavily steeped in Social Justice. They are more about attacking Christian Conservatives now than they are about gaining acceptance. They have turned into an “I hate Trump” movement out of nowhere, for no real reason. They claim they are being denied rights, but that is simply false.


There are literally no rights that I have that a gay person does not have. The real agenda here is that they are asking for special rights, like getting police officers to take off their sacred uniforms. I certainly am not treated any differently by police simply for being a straight person, it is absolutely ridiculous to think anyone is treated different solely based on their sexuality.

The radical Queer Activists calling for the removal of uniformed police from Pride events are actually not what bother me here (because these people are just plain crazy), but why is the City of Sacramento and the police taking these radical Marxists so seriously? That is what really grinds my gears!

Radical Queer Activists have been calling for the removal of police from their Pride events for years now. They were never taken seriously because what they are asking for is clearly an asinine request never meant to be taken seriously…but now that the Democrats have radically shifted hard to the Left, what was previously thought insane is becoming the new normal.


This was a New York City pride event in 2017

In 2017, a group of LGBT activists in New York attempted to prevent the Gay Officer’s Action League from crossing the finish line of the annual Pride Parade…Yes, they actually tried to stop a group of gay police officers from completing the parade route. How is that tolerance? When the Police assigned to guard the parade moved to arrest the group the police were met with a torrent of hate.

For many police officers the uniform means everything to them. They go through painstaking efforts to make sure their uniform always looks perfect. The uniform is more than just another piece of clothing for a police officer, it is a testament to their service to the community. To make them remove their symbolic uniform to appease radical Marxist-driven LGBTQ groups is very dangerous.

In fact Police are somewhere around 0.3% of the population compared to 4.5% LGBTQ population. So being a statistical minority clearly means nothing to them. This is all about concentrating political power in the hands of Liberal-Democrats by guaranteeing a fairly large voting bloc.

I can’t imagine being a police officer right now in 2019. The amount of crap they have to put up with from Liberal politicians that don’t give a damn about stopping crime and their army of Social Justice Lawyers is unreal! Police are constantly getting sued and harassed for trying to do their job. They have to deal with some of the worst people imaginable, especially now with the huge surge of homeless people and illegals.

This state has already floated around the idea of literally disarming the police. Being a police officer in California is extremely difficult at the moment with a rising violent crime rate. Police officers are being overwhelmed and they need our support right now, not to be attacked and belittled.

We have recently had several California police officers shot on the line of duty and this insane group of radical Liberals has the balls to make them take off their uniforms?? I know the police aren’t perfect, and a few are downright mean bullies, but the vast majority are great people with generous hearts that genuinely care about the community. They deserve to be treated better.

1 Comments on “Uniformed Police BANNED from Sacramento Pride events”

  1. Way to call them out. This hate for the police started under Obama and was encouraged by the kneeling at football games. Trump put an end to that. You’re right, they manufacture (lie) about being discriminated against. As a native San Franciscan, being gay is almost a requirement to get ahead. Heterosexual is a name of the past. The police should stand up for themselves. Who is telling them to stand down? Liberalism is a cult.


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