Border Patrol arrests already surpass previous fiscal year.


“On average, Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley arrest more than 1100 people per day.”

Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley have apprehended more than 164,000 people, well surpassing the total arrests from the previous fiscal year. We are only 7 months into the current fiscal year and already the numbers of illegal aliens are exceeding the previous years total? This is an alarming sign of the unprecedented emergency unfolding at the southern border.

The Rio Grande Valley is just one sector of the sprawling southern border, however, it is among the most heavily traversed sectors. It is a prime destination for illegal aliens hoping to gain entry into the United States due to its rough and rugged terrain. The Rio Grande river is an obstacle for our border agents and a boon to illegal aliens.

Illegal aliens specifically target the areas of our border that have rough terrain or a weak border barrier. Thankfully President Trump understands this issue and is working on beefing up security at the border, even along the Rio Grande river which is one of the largest rivers in the United States. We are now building at least 13 miles of “levee wall” in the Rio Grande valley sector.

Just a few days ago the Rio Grande valley Border Patrol arrested a Mexican national that was a convicted Sex Trafficker. His records showed he had a previous order of removal and an arrest by the United States Marshals. Later on in the same day Border Agents arrested another Mexican national. His record checks revealed two prior removals and a register in the State of Ohio as a sex offender for rape.  Furthermore, the man’s record also displayed charges for domestic violence and assault.

The insane situation currently going on at the border is beyond what anyone could actually imagine. The amount of crime pouring into the country is truly mind-boggling and every single American citizen is being directly threatened by this unfolding crisis. Every day that we wait to properly secure the border will prolong this generational crisis that we will be dealing with for years to come.

On Friday, Border Agents in the Rio Grande Valley also arrested a Mexican national whose record checks revealed the police previously arrested him and charged him with possession of a firearm during a commission of a felony/kidnapping. The same day agents arrested a Salvadoran national who’s record checks revealed he is a Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang member. Additionally, record checks revealed a warrant of arrest in the state of Minnesota for burglary.

Saturday morning, Rio Grande City agents working near Roma, Texas, arrested a Salvadoran national whose record checks revealed he is an 18th Street Gang member. Later that same day agents arrested a Salvadoran national whose record checks revealed multiple arrests in California and an arrest and conviction for sexual battery, annoy/molest under 18 and force/assault with a dangerous weapon not firearm. Additionally, record checks revealed he is a Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang member.

Looks like the Democrats lost a few voters…what a shame.

You may have already read this story about a 3-year old child that was abandoned in the Rio Grande Valley sector. Border Agents observed a group of suspected illegal aliens walking towards a cornfield. As the agents intercepted the group they scattered into the heavy brush. A K9 team was called to the area to help locate the group. The only one they found was the 3-year old child, crying and alone. A phone number and his name were written on his shoe.

The Democrats like to call the Border Patrol “racist and fascist”, but these Border Patrol agents took great care of this foreign child. They watched movies with him and played video games. One of the supervising agents even purchased new clothing for the small boy. They certainly cared for him more than his family ever did.

Rescue Pic 3-1.jpg

Head on over to the Big Bend sector in Texas. Agents there were able to apprehend a citizen of Mexico that was found in possession of a stolen 9mm handgun. The man was determined to have burglarized the home of a US citizen, where he stole the handgun among other items.

We are being invaded by vast numbers of illegal aliens that continue to pour into the country at an alarming rate. A sizable portion of them are violent criminals, a vast majority of them will become criminals. You see, even if they are coming here with honest intentions, in order for many of them to find work they will need to obtain a social security number. Usually the means through which they obtain one are fraudulent. That ultimately hurts American workers in many ways.

Fixing the border will lower the levels of a variety of crimes, whether it is human trafficking, drug smuggling, robberies, murders, or stolen identifications we must do whatever we can to secure our southern border. Because right now it is almost wide open in many places and the worst part of it all is that our current laws allow for many of the illegal aliens to stay in our country after being caught for illegal entry.

We must fix the system so that those caught entering illegally are immediately turned around and sent back! We can no longer afford to house these people indefinitely, we simply cannot continue to provide them all with jobs, healthcare, and taxpayer funded education. That is why I support Trump’s agenda to fix the borders. God bless him and God Bless the USA!

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