9 Illegal Alien “Scouts” with powerful surveillance equipment arrested.

“While almost half of our manpower is tied up transporting, processing and caring for Central American families and children we have suspected cartel members conducting highly sophisticated smuggling operations…Our primary focus needs to be on our National Security Mission.” -Chief Patrol Agent Anthony Porvaznik.

While the Border Patrol agents are being overwhelmed by hordes of Central American families pouring across the border the Drug Cartels are busy looking for openings and weak points in our border security. The Cartels are using “scouts” that have powerful surveillance equipment, even used by some military Special Forces, to gather intel on our Border Security. Nine adult males, all determined to be illegal aliens, were arrested near Camp Grip. They had a multitude of equipment known for counter surveillance and intelligence gathering.

At approximately 6:30 a.m. Sunday, agents with the Special Operations Group apprehended nine Mexican nationals suspected of scout activity, all of whom were determined to be illegally present in the country.

Some of the equipment found were solar panels, two-way radios, high-power spotting scopes and high-power binoculars. 

04082019 YUM SOD (1).jpg

Camp Grip is one of the most remote Border Patrol outposts on our southern border. Located in a sparsely populated area of Arizona, Camp Grip is a far-flung base that oversees a wide open expanse known as the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge. The area is extremely rugged in terrain and contains little to no barriers preventing illegal entry.


This is a frightening situation unfolding before our very eyes. Not just because powerful Drug Cartels are surveilling our Border Patrol agents using powerful spying equipment. Not just because of the severe amount of dangerous illegal aliens pouring across the border. But because we have millions of insane Liberals that refuse to admit we are in a serious crisis. They are associating Border Security with racism and that could not be further from the truth. Strong Border Security would protect Americans of all different races, including millions of Latinos, there is nothing racist about having strong borders.

We all saw how they reacted to Trump’s emergency declaration, they were positively triggered. They acted as though President Trump was manufacturing a crisis when by any measure we are clearly being invaded. Even a few “conservatives” went against the President, but incidents like 9 illegal alien scouts surveilling our Border Patrol prove to me that this is an outright war being waged on our nation.

Gunfights with the Cartel are a regular occurrence at the border. Border Patrol agents are the most assaulted police force in America. Democrats are doing everything they can to hamper Border Agents. Now these brave agents find themselves being surveilled by powerful drug cartels? Nothing about any of this is normal or acceptable. It would be verifiably insane for us to do nothing at the Border. At the very least we need a very powerful wall.

Anyone who does not believe that we are experiencing a major crisis on our southern border is downright delusional. This illegal alien invasion is beyond what anyone could possibly imagine, and very nefarious and dark forces are behind it. This is not simply a humanitarian crisis, this is an invasion. The surveillance and counter surveillance equipment found on these scouts are also used by some military forces, so who is really behind all of this? Perhaps these illegal alien scouts were just down at the Border doing a bit of freelance work for CNN…

Jokes aside, this is a very serious situation unfolding at the Border and drastic measures will be necessary to quell the situation at the Border. I am glad that DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has stepped down and now President Trump will be able to replace her with someone who isn’t afraid to get hardcore on the Border.

We are facing one of the most difficult challenges our country has ever faced. We are being invaded and our sovereignty and culture are facing annihilation. The Deep State is trying to create a permanent voting bloc using population replacement techniques. We must fight this with all of our might if we are to survive as a nation. Thank God we have President Trump at the helm to lead us these dark times.

Our enemies are trying to forever change the demographics of America by using our broken immigration system against us. Many of the illegal aliens don’t even have to avoid Border Patrol agents, they just have to set foot on US soil, turn themselves over to Border Patrol, and we are unable to immediately deport them!! Of course powerful Drug Cartels look at that and see opportunity for nefarious dealings. Something must be done immediately!

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