Over 700 Illegals detained by El Paso Border Patrol overnight



While the Democrats are busy trying to dispel the notion that we have a major humanitarian crisis at our border, the El Paso Border Patrol arrested over 700 illegal aliens…overnight! The El Paso Border Sector has seen an increase in illegal crossings of a whopping 296% compared to the previous fiscal year.

Border Agents apprehended a fairly large group of 112 illegal aliens at the border near downtown just after midnight. At about the same time that agents working further east were processing a group of 252 aliens apprehended at the border just west of Bowie High School.

Throughout the morning hours several smaller groups also arrived at multiple locations along the border in the El Paso metropolitan area.  In just a few hours the total number taken into custody exceeded 500.  An unaccompanied 2-year-old child was also found among one of the groups.  The U. S. Border Patrol is currently working with international and domestic agencies in order to locate the parent(s).

Agents in far-east El Paso County also arrested a group of six in which a subject, 28-year-old U.S. citizen, self-proclaimed prison gang member, was found to have an outstanding federal warrant for escape.  In addition, the subject has a lengthy criminal record.  The subject was remanded to the custody to the U.S. Marshals Service.


We are currently being invaded by hordes of illegal aliens that are crossing the border in record numbers. They target areas that have little to no barriers. In many of the cases they are turning themselves over to the Border Agents. It seems as though some evil person *cough* Soros *cough* has figured out that due to a very flawed immigration policy our government can only hold so many illegal aliens at once. Many ultimately gain access to the country.

The plan is to simply overwhelm our border agents by sending as many people as possible at once. It diminishes the ability to detect drug threats entering through legal ports of entry, as resources must be redistributed to apprehend these large family units. It also hurts our ability to respond to human traffickers on other parts of the border. Currently there is a plague of child trafficking entering the country and it must be stopped immediately.

Building a wall where we don’t have one and upgrading existing walls where we do is the key to bringing down the numbers of illegal aliens entering the country. That will increase our effectiveness at the Ports of Entry, and along our coasts. These are very dangerous times we are living in because nefarious entities are flooding the gates before they shut.

They know that Trump is serious about Border Security and that would mean a huge loss in illicit revenue for several groups, foreign and domestic. I truly believe in my heart that we have many corrupt politicians and officials that are making a ton of money by making sure we never have a secure border. The idea that it is somehow racist to have strong border security is absolutely insane and used solely to play on your emotions.

America is NOT a racist nation, America is a giving nation. We have been the most generous nation in the history of the world. But there is a limit to how much we have to give, especially when we have tens of trillions in debt and growing economic competition overseas. Not to mention we must do everything we can to stop horrifically deadly drugs from coming into the country.

It is crazy for anyone to suggest that we don’t have a very serious emergency going on at the southern border. No other threat has killed more Americans. The Crisis at the Border has been going on for a while now and that is why Congress voted on the Secured Fence Act of 2006. However it seems they were never actually serious about securing the Border as the fencing that was put up was sub par at best. In some areas absolutely no border fencing went up at all.

Now that President Trump has stirred up a huge part of the nation to start talking about Border Security the Democrats are desperately trying to pretend that everything is perfectly fine. Bringing in as many people as they can until the jig is up. They know they can’t keep covering up the crisis at the border forever, so they are hoping to stall long enough to steal out a win in 2020 and shutdown Trump’s border security overhaul.

We cannot allow that to happen if we are to remain a free and independent nation.


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