Massive cocaine bust worth $19M hidden in pineapples.

SAVANNAH, GA. –  The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Office of Field Operations (OFO) officers working at the Savannah seaport last November encountered a commercial shipment of pineapples that originated in Cartagena, Colombia.  During a physical inspection of the pineapples, officers discovered 450 packages weighing 1,157 pounds concealed in the produce.  A subsequent field test confirmed that the packages contained cocaine.

OFO Coke find Nov2018_2

“This was an outstanding interception of narcotics by our CBP officers. This seizure is a positive enforcement action against drug smuggling organizations and highlights the important work our officers do each day to stop illegal activity at our borders and ports of entry.” – Lisa Beth Brown, Savannah CBP Area Port Director.

This was a critical interception because it occurred at a naval port of entry rather than at our southern border. When drugs enter through our southern border, we still have a few more chances to intercept the shipment with additional checkpoints and agents placed along known smuggling routes. At these naval ports, however, once the drugs enter the country they have little chance of being stopped from spreading all across the nation.


Look at the number of roads and highways that connect to the Savannah Port. There was a reason they were shipping the drugs there, because it is a major transportation hub. That is why Chicago is a major destination for drugs, due to the number of trains, roads, highways, and even waterways that lead to and from the area.

The Border Patrol have a very dynamic mission that stretches in from the southern border and wraps all around the country. Crossing a number of different environments that each pose a unique set of challenges. They try their best to form a continuous line that protects America from a variety of foreign threats. So having walls on our Southern Border can help free up personnel to work on other areas of the front.

This is common sense stuff, in order for a nation to exist it needs strong borders. President Trump is the first president in a long time to actually go after these drug cartels. We have seen a number of record level busts happening during the Trump administration.

We need to be doing everything we can to support our brave Border and Customs Agents as they take on some of the fiercest threats America has to face. Every single day and night they risk everything to protect this country. There is never a second where they are not patrolling for threats. We must not allow corrupt politicians to weaken our border security so they can please their foreign masters.

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