Largest Fentanyl bust in Border Patrol history

The Border Patrol is reporting the largest fentanyl bust in Border Patrol history at the Arizona Border. A drug sniffing dog alerted to the location of 254 pounds of fentanyl and 395 pounds of methamphetamine hidden on a tractor-trailer coming across the US-Mexico Border. Additionally the methamphetamine bust represents the 3rd largest at an Arizona port.

01312019 TFO NOG FentMeth lg1.jpg

The 26-year old Mexican driver was a participant in the Department of Homeland Security’s trusted-traveler program. The truck he was driving was delivering cucumbers and the drugs were contained in a hidden floor compartment. The driver has been charged with possession with intent to distribute.

This bust is despite the recent funding hiatus the Border Patrol had to experience due to the Dems not wanting America to have a wall to protect our border. Even during the shutdown, we have no reason to believe that Border Security was severely diminished despite the lack of funding. Why? Because these agents believe in their mission to secure our borders and keep out any threats.

Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley reported no signs of decreased effectiveness during the government shutdown. They report that nearly 17,000 illegal aliens were apprehended during the historical 35-day government shutdown. Additionally they seized 900 pounds of cocaine during the shutdown and more than 15,000 pounds of marijuana in that sector alone.

All across the U.S.-Mexico Border, we are seeing a renewed spirit from our brave Border Patrol agents despite the recent funding problems. It is totally unfair that these heroes have to go without funding and proper security just because the Democrats refuse to agree to Trump’s border agenda. Thankfully we have Trump doing everything he can, like sending military specialists and National Guard to the southern border, despite the insolent Democrats obstructing everything.

Keep speaking up in favor of building a wall and stepping up our border security. Then we can dismantle the drug networks for good. We must also work to change the laws that allow illegal aliens to remain inside of the United States after crossing the border illegally. That is why they are entering and then turning themselves in because they have a decent chance of being able to stay inside the US waiting for a court case for a few years.

The drugs that are coming across like fentanyl and methamphetamine are extremely dangerous. These drugs destroy countless lives every year with tens of thousands of overdoses. However, even in many people who do not overdose, users of hardcore drugs will exhibit lifelong symptoms of mental deterioration. Many other people are killed in the black market sales of these hardcore drugs and vicious gangs arise around the drug trade.

We have been dealing with these problems for over 3 decades now and finally we have a President dedicated to targeting every level of the illicit drug trade, even agents within our own government. He has even called out Big Pharma on a number of occasions. And what does he get for it? Nothing but unwarranted opposition from the childish Democrats that serve Deep State globalist masters at the expense of American lives. Enough. Build the wall now!


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