Creepy 5-hour ad on YouTube causes stir.

Everyone is familiar with the way advertisements work on YouTube by now. You watch a video and either before or during the video you get small ads here and there. Most ads are about 30 seconds to 60 seconds long, some companies can even get their point across in as little as 15 seconds. Other than movie trailers (which are generally between 2 and 5 minutes long) it is pretty rare that you will see a long video advertisement, let alone sit through one without skipping it.

I have seen a few 5 minute, or even 15 minute advertisements, and I usually skip them so I see why companies don’t usually opt to run long-winded ads. Well the new LEGO Movie 2 is defying that logic by running a 5 HOUR long advertisement on YouTube…

lego movie 2 5 hour advertisement


Yet the main problem with the advertisement isn’t the length of the video, but rather the extremely repetitive content contained in the video… I would not recommend watching the entire video. It is literally 5 hours of a song with the repeated phrase: “this song gonna get suck inside your, this song gonna get stuck inside your, this song gonna stuck inside your head”

It makes my brain ache minutes into watching this video, how could anyone ever sit through 5 hours of this? Are they conducting some sick experiment? I know some people fall asleep to YouTube videos so imagine this advertisement playing for 5 hours while you sleep?? Alleged victims of the CIA mind control program (MKULTRA) claimed they were forced into medically-induced comas for days or weeks at a time while a speaker played looped noises or repeated phrases

At first I thought it was kinda clever, the song is titled “Catchy Song” and it is literally telling you how catchy it is and only designed to be stuck in your head. It is a great play on the way modern music relies on repeating phrases and synthetic voices. That could potentially make a funny advertisement, but showing the same images on-screen and repeating the same phrase for 5 hours?

When I saw this advertisement start playing on my computer I looked at the 5 hour runtime and I thought to myself “this has to be a glitch or something” so I went online to see if anyone else had experienced this issue of a 5 hour ad running on YouTube. Of course people were already on Reddit discussing their thoughts on this bold marketing campaign.


One of the Redditors found that the advertisement had been uploaded on YouTube. And the YouTube comments section wasn’t any kinder to the video upload, which was uploaded on the official Warner Bros account. The amount of dislikes on the video are piling up and are a little over 1/3rd the amount of likes.


While I can certainly see that the idea behind this odd marketing campaign seems to be simply to get people talking about the movie, I don’t actually see people talking about the movie. Nor do I see anyone saying they want to go see the movie now that they were exposed to a 5-hour advertisement with the same phrase and images repeated over and over again. Some people thought it was a funny troll or meme, but cynical ol’ me suspects there is some sort of brainwashing aspect behind all of this.

I see too many parents these days that just shove a tablet or phone in their kids face as a form of parenting. The kid is listening to the baby shark song over and over again while their mind decays and their social skills erode. The kid is then declared to have autism or ADD and suddenly it becomes even more acceptable to just have them sit down and watch 5-hours of “this song gonna get stuck inside your head” repeating over and over.screen-16.01.03[24.01.2019]








Thank God some people were actually as opposed to this marketing strategy as I am. I truly would have been horrified if I was the only one that sees the problem here. This is a movie specifically aimed at a child demographic and the severe toll that repeating images combined with repeating phrases could take on a feeble child mind could be disastrous for their development. I don’t even know if a fully developed adult mind could be exposed to 5 hours of this ad and be mentally OK after it.

I already feel like my exposure to this insane 5 hour advertisement has eroded my ability to think clearly…hey maybe socialism is a great idea after all and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is right about everything…wait a minute what am I saying…


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