Disease outbreaks hit Sanctuary California hard.

Among the myriad of daily issues that average Californians have to deal with you can now add sweeping disease outbreaks to that list. In 2016, California was among the states with the highest number of people with leprosy. In 2017 we had several cases of botulism and a very serious Hepatitis A outbreak that lead to a state of emergency being declared. More recently in 2018 we saw several cases of typhus. Now we are dealing with a sweeping flu that has claimed dozens of lives

But to top it all off, an extremely serious measles warning has now been issued in Los Angeles County.

Why is this happening to us? Some may say it is God’s Wrath, but perhaps the explanation is a little more Earthly? Could the California Democrats insistence on harboring masses of illegal aliens be a potential cause for the disease outbreaks? I believe that is the most likely one of the causes of all these diseases.

You see leprosy is extremely rare in the United States. So rare in fact that a majority of the people that have leprosy in our country were born outside of the United States. Sure California could just be topping the leprosy diagnosis charts simply due to our massive population, but it cannot be a coincidence that we allowed in all these illegals and then we see these long dead diseases make sudden comebacks.

Also the flu that we are currently dealing with in California has its origins in Mexico. It is a reanimated version of the Swine Flu, or H1N1, the flu strain that swept across Mexico in 2009. The 2009 Swine Flu Pandemic was so severe that every single school across Mexico was ordered to be closed.

I also don’t want to discount the homelessness epidemic and the very important role it is playing in the spreading of these diseases. The Democrats have overseen a massive spike in homelessness and they aren’t doing much to address the health crisis that came with it. The massive numbers of drug-addicted, sometimes mentally ill, homeless people in California is certainly adding fuel to the fire.


This is absolutely horrendous and no one at all should be surprised that California is grappling with some very serious issues that threaten the lives of everyday ordinary Californians. We are the ones that have to deal with these crazy and dirty people all over the streets. We are the ones that have to live next door to unvaccinated illegals and send our children to schools with them. Putting everyone in danger just so that the Democrats can virtue signal about how they “help” poor people and illegals.

So perhaps the worst disease of all here is Liberalism…it is the only mental disease you must voluntarily contract.


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