Manufacturing Growing 714% Faster Under Trump Than Obama

The last jobs report of 2017 surpassed expectations when it was revealed US employment was up by 312,000. Manufacturing jobs are growing at a 714% faster clip under Trump than over a similar time under Obama.

During the last two years of President Obama’s administration, every politician declared manufacturing dead while government added six times the jobs the number of jobs our factories added. Meanwhile in two years of President Trump our factories have added five times more employees than government. This is the Trump effect.

Obama himself looked a man straight in the eyes and told him to realize that a lot of those jobs from the past “just aren’t gonna come back”…was this idiot ever right about anything? I don’t understand Liberals who claim Obama was a good leader, clearly he was an out of touch liar that wanted to destroy our economy. He wanted to put as many people as possible on the government payroll and out of the private sector.

Paul Krugman (I know I never heard of him either) tweeted in 2016 that we need to accept that our economy was going to be a service-based economy. Meaning we were all going to be working as low-wage cashiers, waiters, or in hot kitchens and we better damn well like it.

Indeed many of the jobs Obama “created” while in office were these minimum wage service jobs that offer little to no benefits. Which is good for the Democrats because then they offer people “benefits” like healthcare or welfare so they are dependent on them to survive. Backdoor socialism.

The staggering growth of manufacturing in America under President Trump is truly the last thing that globalists wanted to see. They don’t want us to have good private-sector jobs that give us a good wage and healthcare. They want to be the ones to give us healthcare and wage raises so that we have to vote for their globalist agenda if we want to continue living.

Obama did everything he could to make it impossible to open a manufacturing plant in America. He also moved against our energy industry, making America more and more dependent on foreign energy and ensuring we get tangled in foreign conflicts. Everything the Democrats want to do is designed to erode the strength of our nation.

That is why I stand with President Trump. He is actually helping the average American with a hand-up not a hand-out. Getting rid of crippling regulations and slashing taxes to make it easier for our businesses to compete with one another. Making it easier to open a manufacturing plant in a town where it could elevate the lives of thousands, if not millions of Americans. That is truly a man who cares about this country and the Citizens that live here. Not like Obama that lived only to serve his globalist masters.


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