2020 Democrat hopefuls, crazier than ever.

An idiot, a clown, and a presidential candidate for 2020 walk into a bar, the bartender says “what can I get you Senator Kamala Harris?”

We are still hundreds of days away until we have to head to the polls to reelect President Trump, but the rabid Liberals are already clumsily throwing their gender-neutral hats into the ring. The Democrat Circus has begun.


They started things off right with one of their best idiots, Sen. Elizabeth Warren. She came out of the gate somehow managing to drink a beer wrong. She was so disingenuous in her attempts to act like a real person that even Hillary Clinton looked relatively human in comparison.

We shouldn’t expect much from Pocahontas at this point. After the whole Native-American DNA test debacle, which forced Warren to finally admit that she was obviously not a “woman of color”, I don’t even know why she thinks she stands a chance. Democrats are nothing if not delusional.


Head on over to Sen. Kamala Harris, the crazy Democrat from California…come to think of it, which California Democrat isn’t crazy? There is strong indication that Willie Brown’s former whore is going to announce her run for President of the United States. Wow! What a meteoric rise up the political ladder for Kamala! From her knees to the top of the ladder in such a short time.

Aside from attacking Christians for their religious beliefs, she certainly checks off many of the diversity checkboxes that the Democrats are so obsessed with. Many of them will vote for her simply because she is a woman and her skin is kinda tan. That is all it takes for Democrats to choose a candidate these days. Bunch of suckers their voters are, the Democrat leaders are having a laugh behind their backs.

“Did you see how loud they cheered when I said ‘orange man bad’? They aren’t even noticing the growing crime rates in their communities!!”


What about Beta O’Rourke? I seriously cannot stand this moron. This guy is so Liberal that his car runs on LGBTQ awareness alone. He is of course a typical fake politician with a market researched personality designed to appeal to those in the population with the lowest IQ. This guy has never had a real job and pretty much worked for the government his entire life!

These Democrats are all a bunch of slacker losers that cut corners and take from everyone else. Promising everyone a bunch of free crap because they themselves have never had to actually pay taxes or see what it takes to start and run a business. Robert Francis O’Rourke is the perfect Democrat, a lying loser that has lived off the government his whole life.


That brings me to Bernie Sanders. Crazy ol Communist Bernie is still a contender for the Presidency of the United States….why? Can anyone tell me what this guy has done during his time in congress? He has pretty much just coasted in congress for decades while collecting a pretty sweet check on our dime. No wonder he think communism is a good idea, he’s already halfway there.

Bernie has not done much in his over 3 decades in office. We seriously need to start calling out these Democrats and their poor records of never actually helping anyone. The Democrat mindset is to just blame rich people for poor people’s problems, blame white people for black people’s problems, blame Republicans for their own failed policies.

When we talk about — and I do all of the time — ending sexism, and ending all forms of discrimination, those beliefs cannot just be words. -Bernie Sanders

But you see, they are just words. Everything the Democrats say they believe is not what they actually believe. Those are just hollow virtue-signals. Let us head on over to Bernie’s state of Vermont to see what is happening in the area he swore to make better:



screen-16.56.59[12.01.2019].pngI could go on and on, but what is the point? We all know that these Liberal run areas are horrible places that are steeped in crime and degenerate behavior. If that is what we want for the United States than we should elect a Democrat. They will ensure the Cartels have free reign over the country. They will release tons of criminals from prison. They will oversee a massive spike in the numbers of rape. They will invite in terrorists and foreign gangs.

These are the idiots that gave us the Obamacare disaster. I can’t imagine how twisted someone has to be to think that somehow the Republicans are responsible for the flaws in the Obamacare system. Healthcare certainly wasn’t perfect before Obamacare, but they made it ten times worse than it was.

Look at what they have done to the homeless population. They have dramatically expanded the homeless class in America to record levels not seen before, not even during the Great Depression. In 1930s America, people were out of work because the economy was bad. In 2018 America, people are out of work because they don’t want to work due to being addicted to drugs and the Democrats giving them welfare money.

We cannot allow a Democrat to become the next President of the United States. We need to reelect Donald Trump to ensure that we at least have a fighting chance at taking back our country. It is clear now that the Democrats are going to do everything in their power to ensure that their opposition (us) are stomped into the ground forever.


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