22-year old female police rookie shot dead in California.


Natalie Corona, age 22, has died due to gunshot wounds she sustained while responding to a multi-car accident. Yet another senseless murder of a police officer in the state of California. This state has a serious problem with violence against police officers and the issue is being fueled by our own Liberal leaders. Our leaders have waged a war on our police forces, making it much harder for them to do their jobs, while simultaneously making crimes easier to commit and get away with.


Such a brave, vibrant, and heroic woman that decided to put her life on the line for the betterment of others. She will be sorely missed and I don’t really want to hear the virtue-signalling bullcrap that the Left will come up with to downplay her death. They are describing the suspect that shot her as a “white male” but part of me thinks that is not true. That is just the media trying to cover up the severe amount of crimes being committed by the Latino/Hispanic community.

It is extremely rare to see a Latino/Hispanic person becoming a police officer or joining the military and I always have the greatest admiration for those people. They are rising above the societal pressure instilled in us from an early age, that we are hated by some White People simply for our race and ethnicity is a constant theme in our lives, a theme that gained traction during the Obama-era and the rise of Social Justice Warriorism.

Vicious hate towards our police officers is being exhibited by Liberals in America at an alarming degree. The advent of Social Media has given these rabid Liberals a platform that accepts their extreme and hateful rhetoric as some sort of sick moral message about “police brutality”. Allowing them to spew some of the most hateful stuff I have ever read in my life, even the Nazis did a better job of covering up their hate for certain groups.


These hateful scumbags rarely, if ever, get banned from social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Which coincidentally are all run by extremely rich California Liberals that are content to allow this type of hate on their platform. But when I said we gotta grab illegal aliens by the neck and throw them the hell out of the country, I get permanently banned from Twitter.

They are fostering a very disturbing culture where heroes are the villains, and the villains are the heroes. It is absolutely sick, but one thing you need to know about Liberalism is that it is actually a mental sickness with little hope of a cure.

The way the Left convinces all Latinos/Hispanics that they are no different than the illegal alien invaders that have crossed over in the last 20 years is sickening. In reality many of us couldn’t be more different from those people, and anyone identifying with them should just simply move back to Mexico if they love it so much.

Mexicans of a weak mental caliber are especially vulnerable to Liberal propaganda, finding themselves blending all illegal aliens and legal immigrants together. It is incredibly stupid, very dangerous, and utterly asinine for them to think that way. If we head down the course the Liberals have charted then one day we will look around and find ourselves in Greater Mexico. A place that will have all the same problems that caused millions of Mexicans to flee Mexico in the first place.

When Officer Ronil Singh was shot last month by an illegal alien, the first thought in the minds of Liberals was ‘I really hope the suspect isn’t a Latino’!! Showing far more concern for the shooter because of his race than for the victim!

Simply because they hold a preconceived racist viewpoint that no Latino has ever wrongfully harmed anyone (despite us leaving Mexico in droves due to violence) and that under no circumstances can President Trump ever be right about anything. How do we still not have a Wall on our southern border even with all the violence displayed by illegal aliens? It is crazy.

Being more worried about defending our own race instead of owning up to the problems we create is exactly what these Liberals try to accuse “white supremacists” of doing. Well I am here to tell you that Brown Supremacists, or Latino-Supremacists, are far worse than any current group of “White Supremacists.”


This is so sickening. Who thinks like this?

They even had the nerve to call the shooter “an immigrant, a Latino man living in the country illegally” when that is verifiably false. No one who enters the country illegally can ever be considered an “immigrant”, they are an illegal alien, plain and simple.

But “plain and simple” is never enough to satisfy Liberals who will instead sit you through several 6-hour Ted Talks and 4 years of sociology studies to prove why you are a racist for wanting a secure border and safer streets. Don’t ever point out the prevalence of violence in the Latino/Hispanic community or they will blindly start attacking you.

When we live in a state that encourages illegal aliens to flagrantly violate the borders of this nation, everything else starts to fall apart. Who will respect the borders between lanes on the highway? Or speed limit signs? All of the basic rules that a society needs to function start getting ignored. Police become the targets of the state because unlike the illegal alien criminals they actually listen and do what they are told.

Tell a police officer that he is no longer allowed to carry a firearm and he will disarm himself, tell these criminals they aren’t allowed to carry a firearm and they will simply scoff and drive off to murder someone.

The state of California is like a frustrated parent who gives up trying to make the problem child better and instead focuses their energy on the good kid that listen to them. Often times the problem child will get away with any kind of disrespect while the good kid can’t even talk back.

The Liberal mindset is “Why focus on the criminals in California when they are tough to deal with and don’t listen to our lectures and virtue signals?” instead they choose to go after honest and hardworking people because we usually do our duty, paying our taxes and listening to the state or police. People generally have a good nature, criminals have generally figured out how to exploit that good nature.

The fact that when yet another police officer is killed in California the insane Liberals jump to trying to defend criminals rather than victims should tell you everything you need to know about this insane state. While the streets get flooded with criminals and drugs, the police will find themselves under ever increasing assaults with a state government that offers little to solutions. Instead resorting to try to disarm our police.

Rest in Peace Natalie Corona, Ronil Singh, Keith Boyer, Greggory Casillas and all of the other officers we have lost in California recently. You are gone, but not forgotten, I will keep speaking out against the politicians responsible for your death.


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