Cartel clash leaves 21 dead in Mexican town on Texas border

Mexican authorities have confirmed they have found 21 dead bodies in Tamaulipas, a Mexican state opposite of Texas. Mexican authorities are a little light on the specific details of what happened, but they believe this was the result of a massive clash between competing drug cartels.

This shocking news comes as CNN’s resident idiot Jim Acosta was visiting the Border town of McAllen in a very strange attempt to “prove” that we don’t need a wall on our southern border. McAllen is really not that far from Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas, where the dead and burned bodies were found. It is pretty much right across the border.

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This is what I am talking about when I say that Liberals live in a non-reality. They ignore very real facts for the sake of a preconceived viewpoint they hold about the world. They think that what they learned in their safe space college from their communist professor is actually reflective of the world around us, but it simply isn’t. These Liberals are conditioned to believe that anyone opposed to them is a racist that hates all immigrants, again that simply is not true.

We just understand the dangerous realities of the world, especially the world outside of our borders. I can’t even imagine what would have happened to someone in ancient Rome if they were to ask the Roman Senate to dissolve the borders and let in all the barbarians. That is pretty much asking for the death of your own nation and it should not be allowed in a civilized society. The drug cartels and groups like MS13 are the new barbarians and we need to hold them back!

Absolutely nothing and absolutely no one is stopping Jim Acosta from going to Mexico. Why is he staying on our side of the Border? Because it is extremely dangerous on the other side. The proof is in the pudding. The Mexican government admits to a figure of well over 26,000 individuals murdered in 2017 with an additional 36,000 individuals simply disappearing, never to be heard from again. Making Mexico one of the most dangerous places on Earth.

This stuff isn’t just being spun out of thin air by President Trump or by xenophobic neo-nazi white nationalists. This is reality. Mexico is a failed and broken country. They have descended into a Narco-Capitalist style of governance. Drug Cartels have moved into selling stolen fuel as well, mimicking the tactics that helped ISIS gain notoriety.

For Liberal-Democrats to go out of their way to pretend that we are not in the middle of a major crisis on our southern border is incredibly dangerous. Look, banning plastic straws and going after receipt paper rolls is one thing, dissolving the borders is a whole other topic that quite frankly is not a realistic option. Leaving our border in the state it is, even reversing some of the progress made so far, well that is simply insane and would destroy our nation in this time of great crisis.

Mexico is a broken country. Literally in the midst of a soft civil war that is killing more civilians than most countries in open civil wars. Not far from where Jim Acosta is telling people that everything is totally fine the Mexican government is finding piles of dead bodies.

It is absolutely insane and dangerous the way that Liberal-Democrats think. Everything that is actually happening is the total opposite of what they tell us is happening. They live in non-reality. We don’t just need a wall with Mexico, we need to start treating them like a hostile power until they get their act together.

Anyone inside the United States that is foolishly calling for no wall with Mexico is an idiot, anyone telling you everything is fine at the Border is lying to you. The Drug Cartels push into Mexico’s massive energy industry puts them in a position to make billions of dollars and become stronger than ever before. Only one serious threat stands in their way, President Donald J. Trump and the American people.


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