CA Dems declare war on paper receipts…

Emboldened by their recent victory over the dangerous plastic straw, the Democrats have decided to pick a different fight with another one of their intellectual equals…the paper receipt. Yeah don’t worry about the gangs everywhere, or the rampant human trafficking networks, and certainly don’t do anything about illegal immigration, but if a cashier hands you a paper receipt you better be prepared to have them arrested for environmental hate crimes!

The proposed law would mostly ban paper receipts in favor of digital ones but it would still allow for people to request a physical copy. Gee, thank you our benevolent overlords for allowing us to request a piece of physical proof of a transaction we made with our own money that had nothing to do with you. Though I suspect they would ultimately move to remove that option as well.

Do these idiot Democrats realize that not every business is Walmart or Costco? Not everyone is using onerous amounts of paper receipts that are 17-feet long, but the Democrats are nothing if not dramatic and they always need to lie and exaggerate to prove their crazy point.

Also not every business even works on a digital system!! These Democrats are so out of touch with common people because they have never had real jobs or built anything before. If the principle of “poor people vote for free stuff” ever stopped working the Democrats would have NO idea how to win an election.


Seriously, what the hell is wrong with these Democrats? They literally strike me as being psychotic and unhinged while living in a total non-reality. They go after total non-issues like receipt papers and plastic straws because it is an easy victory for them. Plastic straws and receipt papers can’t fight back.

Meanwhile, drug gangs are shooting people in the streets and lost children are forced into prostitution. We have the nation’s worst homeless problem. Astronomical numbers of rape that can only occur in a Democrat occupied zone. We have some very real problems in our state, but Democrats won’t do anything except throw fuel on the flames.

Now sure, there is definitely an argument to be made about the chemical composition of this receipt paper. Receipt paper rolls generally contain pretty high amounts of Bisphenol A (BPA) an “organic synthetic compound” (whatever the hell that means) that is known to mimic the effects of estrogen. You may remember the BPA in Baby Bottle’s fiasco of 2012 that lead to the chemical being banned from use in sippy cups and other baby related products.

However, I don’t truly believe that is the reason for Democrats going after the use paper receipts. They even admit so. Let’s meet the San Francisco Democrat that introduced this piece of legislation. This is Assemblywomen Phil Ting. Sorry actually that might be a man. Damn! I may have just committed a California hate crime by assuming it’s gender.


Yes, he is from San Francisco. You know that place you kept hearing about with all the human waste and discarded needles in the streets? Yeah that place. Refer back to paragraph 2 and 3 about how Democrats go after non-issues because they have no desire to fix real problems.

“Most of us don’t need a physical receipt for every transaction. It doesn’t make sense to kill so many trees … to make something we don’t often need,” -Phil Ting.

If making paper from trees is “killing trees” what the hell are we to make of the Vegan lifestyle? Enslaving plant life in tight rows against its will and harvesting it for sustenance sounds just as bad if not worse than “killing trees”. The fact is that trees are here for us to use and it has always been that way. We know we need to strike a balance with nature and honestly if we allowed the free-market to actually do its thing it would come up with a better solution than just banning stuff.

phil ting paper receipts california totally insane idiot retard libtard sjw activist climate change.jpg

Wait a minute. Did he make a comically large receipt and have a really large receipt printed out for himself just to make a point about waste? Unless that thing is made of bio-degradable hemp paper that was grown by an illegal immigrant, refugee, transabled, LGBTQ minority person of color, than mister Phil Ting here is guilty of the very waste he is denouncing! But with Democrats just signalling good intentions is more than enough. “Hey I have an idea, why don’t we burn a bunch of tires to tell people why they shouldn’t burn tires? As long as we denounce climate-change while doing it!”

Again, we have some very real problems here in this state. San Francisco, like many Liberal areas, is suffering from a myriad of dire issues. Diseases are spreading and growing almost as fast as our illegal alien population. No coincidence there I am sure. Plus the drastic homelessness that is worse than I have ever seen and that is no doubt fueling the unsanitary conditions here.

Look, here is the main point. I am willing to have a serious discussion about waste that doesn’t involve sarcastically large receipts that are ultimately extremely rare and just there to fearmonger their position into place. I have been to many businesses that hand me the tiniest receipt ever with just a few numbers on it and I can’t even tell what I am looking at.


But I really do not think it is right to just disrupt many viable and legitimate businesses in such a short timeframe. Even giving a business a year to make a change can seem like overnight in long-term business plans.

Imagine if you manufacture plastic straws or you make those receipt rolls and your entire livelihood depends on being able to sell your product. How would you feel? What about all the people who work in the factories? All the delivery drivers that bring the product to the stores? What happens to the tax money they paid?

Who has to make that up that shortfall in tax revenue for the state? If you think the state of Commufornia is just gonna take a hit on their tax revenue, no matter how small, you were probably born yesterday…and not in California because you would have been aborted by now.


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