88-yr-old San Francisco woman hospitalized after assault

An 88-year-old woman is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries after an early-morning assault in San Francisco on Tuesday, police said Wednesday afternoon. The assault occurred in the Ingleside District, though authorities have not given an exact location or the elderly woman’s name which leads me to believe they are still searching for a suspect.

“Officers will continue to canvass the area for additional evidence related to the crime,” police said in a statement.

Police officers were responding to a burglary call when they were flagged down by a potential witness who directed them to the elderly woman. She was found to be suffering from numerous injuries, though the details at this time are very light.

Anyone who has information about the assault may call the anonymous tip line at 415-575-4444.

This is the state of California where we are dealing with a total breakdown in societal normalcy. Bringing in tons of illegal aliens that destabilized communities, letting convicted criminals out of jail early, and fostering a culture of disrespectful youth has lead to disastrous consequences.

Many elderly people are beaten and robbed in California. Look at the son of a California police chief who beat an elderly Sikh man last year for seemingly no reason.

A 99-year-old San Francisco woman was reportedly sexually assaulted at home during New Years Eve. 

Welcome to California. The Progressive Utopia with more rapes than any other state. If you are going to continue leaving here please do watch out for yourself. Try to own a firearm, even though the state makes it almost impossible.

This place is getting much more dangerous and the danger is spreading at an alarming rate. The crimes are steadily becoming more callous and heinous, often targeting the most vulnerable among the population. No Republican is in control of anything meaningful here and their opinions have been almost totally silenced. The problems here, especially in places like San Francisco, most assuredly are the fault of Liberal-Democrat policies.


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