Good Riddance Jerry Brown.

jerry brown homeless california

I really don’t want to post so many articles about that dirtbag Jerry Brown, but the Liberal media is fawning over the outgoing California Governor. They are claiming he was the best governor in our history! Not a chance! He didn’t achieve a single damn thing in his time in office and just gave many virtue signaling speeches instead. Just like Obama!

One of the worst things Jerry Brown did in office was pardon fellow Democrat Roderick Wright who was convicted of 8 counts of voter fraud. Roderick Wright used Maxine Waters and Willie Brown as references for his clemency application. Many high-level Democrats desperately wanted to see that pardon.

Roderick Wright also had a $120,000 payment issued by the state to settle a harassment claim against him…

At least one Los Angeles County District Attorney, named Jackie Lacey, warned that it would undermine fundamental state law. I believe the Democrats knew this pardon of Roderick Wright set a dangerous precedent. That was in fact their goal all along, to establish one set of laws and rules for themselves and another for everyone else.

I also believe they wanted this increase in homelessness, it ultimately helps them win elections. Few crackheads are Republicans. It helps them expand their welfare state. And as long as the people in the community tolerate it they will keep doing it. It is an undeniable fact that homelessness has exploded in California under Jerry Brown. Well undeniable if you aren’t a crazed Liberal.


The murder rate in the state has not gone down. It roughly stayed the same during Jerry Brown’s time in office. A few years saw slight increases, others slight declines. Most governors would work to try to lower the murder rate in their state, but not a California Democrat of course. Gavin Newsom will be no different.

The price of electricity has gone up for just about every Californian with these insane Climate-Change policies being foisted onto our economy. In our state “Renewable Energy” simply means much more expensive energy. But the insane Liberals sell that as some sort of good thing to stave off climate-change…

The bottom line here is that California is worse off than it was 8 years ago. We have less not more. We have a bullet train to nowhere. Rents that are going up not down. Extreme minimum wages forced onto small businesses that cannot afford them. Rape numbers skyrocketing. Violent crime steady. Illegal aliens still pouring into the country by the millions. The state is on a fast track to hell and many cities have already arrived there ahead of schedule. Thanks Jerry Brown. Thanks for nothing.