Gov. Jerry Brown’s Legacy? Not a good one.

The highest-paid Governor in the nation, California’s Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown, has made a legacy for himself of emptying our prisons of some of the worst people imaginable, doubling our rape numbers, and sending homelessness into overdrive. Now that is a legacy that any Democrat can be proud of!!

Hey why should he care that we will have to live next to convicted murderers and rapists? He is about to be living it up on a sprawling cattle ranch complete with it’s own solar array for power. He plans to be far removed from the grimy inner-cities of California on his beautiful property Rancho Venada after leaving office. But we aren’t rid of him yet.


The Governor is so proud of his legacy of helping murderers, rapists, and drug dealers run the state that he is going to be sticking around for a while longer, most likely to keep fighting for his disastrous Assembly Bill 109, Proposition 47 and 57. Some criminal victim’s groups are trying to fix the broken laws and Jerry Brown has filed lawsuits against them.

Officer Keith Boyer was shot and killed by a scumbag named Christopher Mejia. A vicious and violent individual that for some reason is continually released from prison. The state of California and undoubtedly the world would be a better place if this POS was put down for good. But Jerry Brown and the Democrats LOVE these kinds of mentally troubled individuals and go out of their way to defend them.

The outgoing 80-year old Jerry Brown granted pardons to a whopping 2,000 individuals, more than any other governor in our history. He was granting out so many pardons that the California Supreme Court actually had to step in and deny some of the requests for clemency.

Jerry Brown says that it is “anti-christian” for us not to let these rapists and murderers have “redemption”. I am sorry but I am not interested in a murderer’s redemption unless they can resurrect the person they callously murdered and fix the family they broke. Decisions have consequences, some lasting forever.

Why do crazy Progressives always use the Christian-Card when trying to force people to accept an insane situation? “Well you know, Jesus was a refugee, so we should invite in millions of low wage workers and if you don’t like it you are an anti-Christian” seriously shut the f up with that crap. We ain’t buyin it, you shouldn’t be selling it.

What is “anti-Christian” is murdering and raping people. Selling extremely dangerous drugs to people is “anti-Christian”. Stealing is “anti-Christian”, yet the California Democrats have almost decriminalized theft completely. Don’t even get me started on all the deviant behavior they engage in.

Seriously Democrats need to take their propaganda and shove it. Christians shouldn’t be acting like bleeding hearts anymore, now is the time to understand that we must fight like the Crusaders did if we want to protect Christianity and our way of life. If you lifted up your hand to strike down the Devil he would undoubtedly try to convince you that it would be anti-Christian for you to do so!!

But let’s get back to Moonbeam. I find it funny that a privileged straight white-male with a net worth of about $4,000,000 dollars inherited a massive sprawling property while he sits on an additional $15,000,000 dollars in campaign money. Not a word from the Democratic-Socialists!! Progressives are nothing if not hypocritical.

Jerry Brown is not going away, he is promising that he will keep fighting for his agenda. You see Democrats don’t run to fulfill the wishes of their constituents, they run to fulfill their own selfish wishes. That is why Democrats get filthy stinkin’ rich while in office and at the same time never actually help the vast majority of their base.

Jerry Brown leaves office while California is facing an over $1,300,000,000,000 debt. He leaves office with rape numbers that have doubled in 8 years. He leaves office with homeless numbers that are totally off the charts. He leaves office while Californians have less than they did 8 years ago, not more.

That is his legacy, failing with virtue.


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