Insane Democrats want to impeach Trump.


traitor democrats brad sherman moron impeach trump

A representative from California named Brad Sherman has moved to impeach Trump on the very first day of the 116th congressional session. The San Fernando Valley Representative joined forces with the rambling Rep. Al Green from Texas, reintroducing articles of impeachment they submitted in July of 2017….a mere 6 months into the Trump presidency.

The unhinged Rashida Tlaib from Michigan promised to “impeach that mother******” in one of the most cringe moments of 2019 so far. I hate how these aging Liberals try so desperately to appeal to the youths by trying to appear edgy when they are ones trying to police language. They also talk about anti-bullying a lot, then proceed to call President Trump all sorts of vile names and talk about kicking us when we are down. The Left is nothing if not hypocritical.


Democrats that are simply unable to cope with the rise of the Silent Majority and the devastating loss of 2016 have been calling nonstop for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. They are using the totally bogus Russia conspiracy to justify tearing down a legally elected President. Even though that would most likely tank our economy and fundamentally destroy our country in the process, but they really don’t care. They would burn down the entire country if it means they can preside over the ashes.

You see these Democrats have no real plan to help anyone economically so they think impeaching Trump and being pathetic “activists” will make it seem as though they are doing their jobs. Giving meaningless virtue signals about Diversity and denouncing the long dead movement of White Supremacy is all it takes to be a Democrat these days. The sad dark reality is that the districts they represent are in an abysmal condition.

Rampant poverty, 3rd world diseases/AIDs rising, skyrocketing rape numbers, vicious murders, massive drug addiction problem, human trafficking hubs are all characteristics of a Democrat run area. I am not just making that up, these are verifiable facts, no matter what you read on ThinkProgress or what you heard on NPR. They are lying to you.

Let’s start with Brad Sherman. The low-T aging Liberal presides over the 30th District in California. This district encompasses parts of the western San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, and other areas like Simi Hills in Ventura County. I think this district can perfectly encapsulate what the Democrats want for our society, an extremely rich minority walled off from massive swaths of homeless or struggling to get by individuals.

In the 30th District you will find a little place called Hidden Hills. It is a gated town of less than 2,000 but houses one of the richest populations in America. Home to many vapid celebrities like Drake and Miley Cyrus. Travel over to the other side of the 30th District to the Sepulveda Basin and you will find a sprawling 1.5 mile long homeless encampment…

homeless california corrupt democrats.jpg

NBC4 has an excellent series called Streets of Shame and they went down to the sprawling 1.5 mile long homeless camp in the Sepulveda Basin that is rivaling Skid Row. NBC4 captured some great footage and interviewed a resident who said

“The filth and the aggressiveness and the needles and the feces, that to me is a crime,”

This is the same thing you see up in Northern California area where not far from the Silicon Valley technocrats you have homeless drug addicts living in hovels they dug out of the ground…

I totally agree with the residents assessment of the homeless situation and I can say it is happening all over California, not just in the 30th District. The main point I want to make today is that Brad Sherman and many of the Democrats attack Trump while they are responsible for massive amounts of homelessness and crime taking place in the areas they represent.

They want people focused on Trump so we won’t see that all of their plans to help us have failed to make life better in Liberal areas of California and instead things are getting worse. Head over to Canoga Park, also in Brad’s 30th District, where recently an Asian-American business owner had hot coffee thrown in her face by a psychotic homeless woman…

Welcome to Brad Sherman’s District where you are walled off from the rich sexy celebrities while getting hot coffee splashed in your face by a homeless drug addict. What does President Trump have anything to do with the very real problems facing every day Californians? Nothing. None of this is his fault, he has been in office for almost 2 solid years and all they have done is obstruct every bit of his agenda. They don’t even hide their obstruction, they literally call themselves the resistance. The Left is nothing if not dramatic.

The fact is that Democrats are the ONLY ones to blame for the problems in California. They are a supermajority in our legislature. They run every important executive office and the treasury. The Attorney General of California is an ardent Progressive Activist that frequently brags about how often he sues the Trump administration.

The Democrats want us chasing the ghosts of the past and lies about Trump so that we don’t see the very real problems right in front of us. If you dare to open your eyes and point out the problem you are labeled a bigot and discarded. We cannot allow this to continue.

But is it just California that deals with this? No. It is all Liberal-Progressive/Socialist areas that ultimately deal with this type of out of control society. Socialism has a tendency to tear apart the moral fabric of society.

In Rashida Tlaib’s area in Detroit, the Liberals are so crazy that they are building tent cities for these homeless drug addicts…not building them homes, but actual tent cities, ensuring the people remain in poverty for as long as possible. They get trapped in a vicious cycle of dependence where they are given just enough help to keep their heads above the water, but never enough to fully lift themselves up.screen-14.08.26[04.01.2019].png

What about Al Green’s area? Good ol’ Texas, the reddest state in the American Union. But home to one of the worst Democrats in America. Rep Al Green has “served” the Texas 9th District (the most Democratic district in Texas) since 2005 after major redistricting forced out the old Democrat Chris Bell. This area encompasses much of the southwestern Houston area and a place called Missouri City.

For starters, let me point out the fact that after 14 years under Al Green’s leadership the median income for the area ($46,048) is below the National Average. The area is heavily Black and Hispanic so that is why Green constantly plays the race card, to keep them distracted while he keeps them poor, thus ensuring they continue voting for the Democrat party. It is quite genius actually in a Batman villain sort of way.

As a minority myself I can attest that quite a bit of emotion gets invoked in these allegations of racism and people like Green use that to their advantage. Most people identify with race and place of origin over everything, that is the essence of identity politics. Green is a master of manipulating people into voting for their own misery.

The Houston area is riddled with homelessness, drugs, diseases, and many murders are taking place inside of these homeless encampments. Looking at some of the videos from Texas I cannot even distinguish their homeless from the ones I see here on our streets. It is more than obvious that this is a problem common to Liberal areas. They simply are incapable or unwilling to deal with the situation.

Part of me knows that they want this to happen. This is just a part of their plan to keep as many people as they can on the bottom level of society and dependent on the government for survival. They then sell the idea that it is wrong to say anything bad about drug addicts taking a dump and urinating in the street because that makes you a hateful privileged bigot that hates homeless people.

They will keep pushing it as far as they can until the working class American citizens are outnumbered by the homeless people on welfare and the illegal aliens. Then there will be no stopping them from forcing their terrifying 1984 society onto us.

Don’t be distracted by all of their lies about President Trump, they are simply malicious lies, gross misrepresentations, or extreme exaggerations being used to keep people from discovering their plan to sell out and destroy our country.

I am grateful for President Trump because I know he is strong enough to handle himself against these crazy Democrats. That is why I voted for him because he is tough but fair. I only hope more Americans can wake up and send him support because he cannot save our country while being surrounded by RINOs and insane Democrats.


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