Walgreens Security Guard that shot alleged thief charged with murder.


A Walgreens security guard is in jail on murder charges after he decided to shoot a violent transient and suspected shoplifter that had attacked him after he confronted the man. The suspected shoplifter was a homeless, black, gay man, so naturally you can see that Social Justice Warriors will automatically side with him no matter what because he wins the Oppression Bingo. Had he been an illegal alien, the SJWs would have creamed themselves.

“Jonathan Hart was profiled because he was homeless. He was harassed because he was gay, and he was shot because he was black.” -Dumbass Liberal Lawyer.


How does the media always find the most innocent looking picture for someone they want to portray in a good light? They put this photo next to the Security Guard in prison to give you a specific impression of power versus powerless.

The Security Guard confronted the alleged shoplifter and a fight ensued. When the gay homeless black man had enough and decided he didn’t want to face the consequences of his actions, he tried to run away. The Security Guard, most likely because of the intense adrenaline rush that kicks in during those situations, made the decision to pull out his firearm and put the man down. Hart later died in the hospital. Now the Security Guard is behind bars for murder and the family of the homeless man (where were they during his homelessness?) has decided to sue for hundreds of millions of dollars…once again using a tragic death to try and turn a profit, sickening.

What the Security Guard did is technically murder in the state of California, because we have so many severe laws against being able to defend yourself. He is even incurring an extra charge for using a gun. Liberal politicians make it almost impossible to use lethal force to stop an attack or to put down a criminal because they want to virtue signal for minorities.

Here in California you cannot shoot anyone that doesn’t pose a direct threat to you in that exact moment. So someone can beat you to within an inch of your life then decide to run away and if you shoot them in the back you can be arrested for murder…insane, I know.

In October of 2017, while waiting for the Metro Gold Line in Pasadena, CA, I came into contact with a homeless black man asking for a quarter…I told him I didn’t have any change and he moved to ask the lady next to me, a small-framed Latina woman, but when she told him she didn’t have any change he didn’t just move on to the next person. Instead he grabbed her arm and started threatening her.

I stood up and shoved the man back, at which point he became extremely aggressive and began punching me in the head. Eventually we wrestled to the ground and this man literally almost choked me to death. He violently squeezed my throat until oxygen stopped flowing to my brain and I could feel myself about to pass out.

I prayed to God for help and by some miracle the Sheriffs arrived and arrested the scumbag, I truly wish they would have shot him dead on the spot. When they showed up and pointed their guns at him, he became docile really quick. I can’t imagine what would have happened to me had those officers not shown up when they did, none of the people there were going to help me as everyone in California has a deer in the headlights mentality when experiencing a confrontation. They have been brainwashed into thinking all black people are incapable of wrongdoing simply because of the color of their skin.

It was a good thing that I hadn’t defended myself with a firearm or any type of lethal force because then I would probably have been in jail for murder simply for defending myself. That was an unarmed and homeless black man (for all I know he could have been gay as well) that almost murdered me that day over .25 cents, so perhaps I am incapable of falling for the “black homeless and gay” crap they are using to justify this person’s behavior.

Evil knows no specific race, class, or sexual orientation. Anyone can be evil. Anyone can be a criminal. Stop letting Liberals tell us that certain races or sexual orientations are immune from being held accountable for their actions.

Had I defended myself with lethal force my face would have been plastered all over the news as some sort of KKK neo-nazi racist that callously shot a man that didn’t do anything but be homeless and starving. These liberals go out of their way to explain away the bad behavior caused by minorities. As a minority myself, I find their soft-racism appalling and sickening.

I am telling you the state of California is a criminal’s paradise. A demonic land where you are allowed to break into another person’s home and they can’t even shoot you unless you pose a “direct threat” to them!!

Break into another person’s house, urinate everywhere, smash the windows, spray graffiti on the walls, take a huge dump on the floor, make yourself a sandwich, molest their children, steal a few trinkets, then when the property owner confronts you just start punching them in the face…

If the property owner decides to defend himself using lethal force, it is the property owner that will be the one arrested!! I am telling you, it can’t get any better for criminals than it does here in California! Well, actually I guess I shouldn’t say that before Gavin Newsom takes office…

It is also incredibly sad that this person’s family is trying to make money off the death of a family member they didn’t seem to care about too much. Why would he be homeless if they actually cared about him? Besides, it was his own terrible decisions that led to his demise.

However, for some inexplicable reason, moronic Walgreens decided to get woke and cave to the SJW’s by ending its contract with the company that provided them that brave security guard…so hey if you want to steal something without any reprecussions head on over to Walgreens..

The family is maintaining that the homeless gay black man was targeted for being black and gay…what?! Why in the hell would a Walgreen’s security guard know or care about the sexual orientation of the man he shot?

This is the insanity of the Liberal-Progressive mindset that ONLY see identifiers like race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or class. They don’t judge anyone based on the content of their character, but rather on their skin color or where they like to stick their penis. It is a backwards mentality that is hurting and undoing the very fabric of our society.

His family is seeking $525,000,000 dollars for this, which is of course totally outrageous, but I don’t blame them for trying to extort Walgreens as it seems the company is willing to allow itself to be financially raped by these Liberal-Progressives. We already have a MASSIVE problem here in California with theft, but how can I feel bad for companies like Target or Walgreen’s that seem to cater to and invite in these homeless drug addicts??

Stores like Target and Walgreens don’t do much to remove these people from their property and I often find opened food and drink products inside of their stores. These entitled homeless people just walk in, eat and drink what they like, then just walk right out, meanwhile you are stuck with ever increasing prices to make up for the shortfall. What does that do to the Security Guards? It puts them in a very awkward position of avoiding going after the numerous homeless and mentally ill drug addicts that are filling our stores.

How in the hell does a young 21-year old man who was in seemingly fit condition end up on the streets anyway? Only in Liberal-Progressive sanctuary California that is flooded with drugs and welfare money do you see this kind of stuff happening to our youth. They are getting heavily addicted to drugs and odd sexual lifestyles which makes our future look bleaker and bleaker with each passing day.

They say “the Youth are the future”, but that is one future I do not want to imagine…

So hey, if you are trans, disabled, homeless, black, an illegal alien, and want to steal, rape or kill then come on down to California where you can do whatever the hell you want and you will have a gaggle of bleeding heart Liberals defending your every move. Please pray for California.


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