CA Supreme Court rejects Jerry Brown’s pardons for murderers.

jerry brown

For the first time in over half a century the California Supreme Court checked the outgoing governors power by rejecting some of his requests for clemency. The Progressive schmuck commonly known as “Moonbeam” was abusing his power by trying to release hardcore murderers and known gang members from prison early.

Get this, one of his reasons for releasing these people from prison was that it will cut down on prison gangs…Yeah no crap moron!!! They will just go from being in a prison gang to being in a street gang you idiot. That was kind of the whole point of us putting them in jail, wasn’t it? You know, so that if anyone was murdered or raped it would be another person convicted of those types of crimes and not innocent law abiding people.

So far, 10 requests for clemency by Jerry Brown have been denied, but this only comes after Jerry Brown has pardoned more criminals than any other governor in our state’s entire history. The people he was pardoning are some of the most cold-blooded murderers California has ever seen.

One man, named Jameel Coles, brutally murdered a man who had agreed to give him and his friends a ride after they became stranded. Jameel and his friend beat the man to death and set his body on fire. He has only served 20 years on a life sentence, meanwhile the man he killed is still dead and his family still broken. It would be a total mockery of justice if this man was able to walk. He should be grateful he gets to live out the rest of his life, unlike the person he murdered.

So how was Jameel Coles able to gain the attention of Governor Moonbeam? By parroting Liberal Social Justice talking points of course!! The one thing I never fault criminals for is taking advantage of weak liberals. Criminals thrive in a Liberal environment where rape and murder are seen as normal everyday problems created somehow by White Supremacy, Misogyny, or Capitalism.

Jameel Coles didn’t do nothin and it was whitey that made him murder because he was oppressed and taught toxic-masculinity!

You might think I was joking with that last line, but only slightly. Here is what Jameel wrote to Moonbeam when asking for clemency:

“Hurt people, hurt people…shame and guilt lead to a cycle of hyper-masculine choices…compounded due to the fact that this hyper masculinity was shaped by a false image of manhood, which glorified a criminal lifestyle and misogyny.”

Yep, it was that damn toxic-masculinity that made him murder people!! Give me a friggin break! Why doesn’t anyone use the old saying “you should have thought about that before you murdered someone and set their body on fire” anymore? It is like Liberals want to free everyone from the consequences that come as a result of poor decision making.

That was all it took for Jameel to get the brutal murder of another man almost swept under the rug. Parrot a few Progressive talking points, blame toxic-masculinity and boom you can murder anyone you like and get let out of prison early. Sure Jameel had established himself well in prison as a decent person, earning degrees and generally displaying good behavior, but he murdered someone…he wrongfully robbed a person of their life and a family of a loved one. In my eyes, no amount of “good behavior” can fix that and we must always be weary of those trying to take advantage of our forgiving and Christian nature.

That is how criminals operate, they take advantage of people’s good nature. Ever heard of Ted Bundy? He was a master at manipulating people.

He may have been a serial killer, but at least he wasn’t rude!! -Autistic Liberal.

I never thought I would actually be semi-grateful for the California Supreme Court, too bad they are pretty much just an extension of the Democrat party and for the most part do everything the Democrats want them to do. It is very rare to hear that our state Supreme Court actually went against the Democrat tyrants that run this place. I have no doubt that real-life Batman villain Gavin Newsom will be exponentially worse than Moonbeam was.

In a State where the Judiciary, the Legislative, and Executive branches all seem to be working together to try to turn our state into a 3rd world hellhole, it is very refreshing to see a bit of division among the branches as that was the original intent of our Founding Fathers.