2019 UPDATE: Happy New Year!!

Hello everyone! Happy New Year! Sorry for all the time I have taken off recently but after being expelled from Twitter for daring to talk bad about illegal aliens I really needed a serious break from social media in general. I spent two years of my life building up a following on Twitter. Going from 0 to 38,000 followers in a very short but blistering time frame was amazing yet also draining. I didn’t fully realize the toll that constant research was taking on my mental health and my family and loved ones until I was banned.

However, after taking off some time to reflect and recollect, I have decided to redouble my efforts into helping California to become a better place for all of our legal residents. This will entail going after the corrupt California Democrats on a daily basis, hitting them where it hurts. The state of my mental health won’t matter much if we don’t have a decent State to live in now will it?

So much has happened in a relatively small time frame, the firing of James Mattis, the Government Shutdown over the wall, more migrants pouring over the border, the California Supreme Court checking Jerry Brown’s power, the Democrats being completely psychotic, or the illegal alien that shot a police officer that came to this country seeking a better life. I want to talk about all of it at length and I will be doing just that starting today!!

CaliConservative.com isn’t going away, in-fact it will be updated more than it ever has been.

Look for changes regarding the websites layout and format, I am always looking to change things around and I am always interested in hearing from people out there, supporters or not, your opinion to me is still valid. I welcome all types of criticism, constructive or non-constructive, wanna tell me I have a big nose or make fun of my momma? Do it!!

Thank you so much to everyone that supported me during this downtime I appreciate you all so much and I want you to know that I am more dedicated to making California a better place to live than ever before.

I am also launching a side project called “RightWingGamer” where I will talk about the pop-culture and video game industries that are increasingly being injected with Social Justice Warrior politics. I am unsure if I will post those articles here, or if I will launch a separate website. Any feedback would be great, you can always reach me directly using the “Reach Me” button found at the top of this website.

Anyways I just wanted to write this quick update to anyone who was wondering where I have been. Stay tuned for more important news. As always, thank you for reading and God Bless America!!

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