As you all know by now I have been banned from Twitter. I haven’t posted in a while because I had a lot of family stuff going on and I really wasn’t even tweeting that much for the most part during the last week or so, but apparently I have been convicted by Twitter judges of inciting Hate Speech against a “protected minority”…Which protected minority? Gays? Jews? Blacks? No, because I have never said anything hateful about an actual race or sexual orientation, instead I am guilty of being hateful to illegal aliens that are wanted by Interpol…

Yes, I saw that pedophiles and rapists were among the crowd of illegal aliens and I callously told ICE to “grab em by the neck and throw them the hell out of our country!”…I didn’t mention any specific race, because of course any race or ethnicity can be an illegal alien, this doesn’t have to do with any specific race, I just dislike criminals. Apparently criminals are becoming a protected minority to the liberals and pretty soon you won’t be able to say anything bad about illegal aliens. This totally blindsided me and I am still in a bit of a shock, so I am going to take the next few days slowly and plan my next move.

For now I have put out a quick response on YouTube and I will put out a follow-up video in the next few days on Twitter’s response to my appeal. Thank you all for supporting me during this time. If you can please help me out for the holidays consider sending a donation of 1$ to help me fight against the censorship of Conservative voices.


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