Border Patrol Agents Assaulted by Illegal Aliens

TUCSON, Ariz. – Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents were assaulted during two separate incidents west of Tucson Tuesday. 

The first assault occurred when agents disrupted a human smuggling attempt south of Three Points. While attempting to arrest four male suspects, one of the men became combative.


The 25 year-old Guatemalan national resisted arrest by throwing dirt at an agent’s face, and by swinging his belt and affixed buckle, attempting to strike the agent. After a struggle, the man was handcuffed by assisting agents and placed in a service vehicle, where he again assaulted another agent by spitting in his face.

Two illegal aliens from Mexico and Guatemala, along with an Arizona man, previously arrested by Border Patrol for smuggling, were arrested during this incident.

Later that evening, west of Three Points, another Border Patrol Agent was assaulted as he attempted to arrest an illegal alien. The agent, accompanied by a canine partner, tracked the man to a desolate desert area, where a 36-year-old Guatemalan national became combative, striking the agent several times. The agent eventually made the arrest by subduing and handcuffing the man.

Both combative men will face criminal charges for assaulting a federal agent. The illegal alien responsible for the second assault, was previously removed from the country in May for immigration violations.

One agent was taken to a local hospital for evaluation, and was released.

This incident highlights the fact that all along the border we are seeing a massive influx of illegal aliens, it isn’t just the caravan trying to get into California. This is an incredibly dangerous situation and a blatant attempt to totally subvert the sovereignty of the United States. As the illegal aliens grow more desperate to enter the United States they will become more violent. America is at war with illegal immigration, whether we like it or not.

We need to do more to secure the entire southern border and beef up security at every port of entry. Stopping the caravan is a high priority, but we must also ensure that cartels and traffickers are not taking advantage of the other parts of our borders that are now less secure due to the caravan.

These illegal aliens are not all good people. Most of them have no place in our country. Many of them are criminals or will turn to a life of crime. We are already having far too much trouble with the millions of illegal aliens we already have here. We cannot allow these people into the country!!

What is adding fuel to the flames is California’s status as a Sanctuary State. That is a huge beacon to illegal aliens across the world that they are welcome here by the crazy Liberals in our state. Giving them welfare, giving their children taxpayer funded educations that ensure they will vote Democrat for generations to come.

Enough is enough. These illegal aliens and the Democrats that invite them in are completely out of control and need to be put in their place. Sanctuary policies inside the United States that incentivize illegal immigration must end now!

We need to send a very strong message that illegal aliens are not welcome here and I think President Trump is doing a great job of that so far and if he had more help from the rest of our government he could fix the problem.

Let us continue to voice our support for the Trump agenda and call to punish and expel the violent illegal aliens from our nation. This is intolerable what is happening and it is simply irrational to side with the illegal aliens in this case.


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