Migrant horde arrives, should the U.S. military step in?

Hundreds of illegal alien invaders have arrived just across the United States Border in Tijuana and they are literally storming our borders as I write this. The United States has responded by completely shutting down the Port of Entry in the San Ysidro area in San Diego. Mexico and the United States have agreed to allow helicopter flights 15KM into each other’s territory. The situation is growing more chaotic by the minute.

I will ask the hard question, should the U.S. military open fire? I honestly don’t think I would question them after seeing what is unfolding at the border:


This is a dire humanitarian disaster of biblical proportions unfolding and something serious needs to be done to put a stop to it. My suggestion is to open fire on these people, that will turn them around really quick. Non-lethal deterrence isn’t very effective in the longer term, you can see that tear gas will scatter a crowd, but they simply regather once the smoke has cleared.

Mexico and the United States are working closely together to try to stem the tide of illegal alien. I know Mexico would do much more to stop the illegal aliens if they didn’t have such a corrupt and broken government. They are already dealing with so many problems in Mexico and President Trump has forced Mexico’s hand by not allowing these people to cross the border and threatening to shut it down if Mexico doesn’t do something about it. They have a lot to lose and very little to gain by not working with the US right now.

Mexico is a failed nation that can barely take care of its own people let alone this massive horde of illegal aliens. When Obama was President it wasn’t so bothersome to have these illegal aliens in their country because they were all going to enter the United States. President Trump is really putting the screws to Mexico and leaving them in an awkward position by forcing the migrants to stay in Mexico.

Mexico has descended into what I am calling a narco-republic, where powerful drug cartels control whole states and many city councils. Police chiefs, mayors, governors, judges and other politicians are fully in the pockets of these drug cartels. The drug cartels also have a vested interest in ensuring the United States border remains as unsecured as possible.

The drug cartels take advantage of illegal immigration by infiltrating these groups or using them as drug mules. Someone can easily come across the border unarmed, then illegally obtain a firearm in the United States. They come here to assassinate their enemies and the way they enter the country is through the illegal immigration system.

The crowd can be heard cheering loudly when they are told that they can still apply for asylum if they cross illegally into the United States. -Epoch Times

Recently a federal judge in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals put a temporary stop to the President’s attempts to fix the federal asylum program. That move was literally cheered by the illegal alien caravan when they heard about it, because many of them had been planning on entering the United States illegally and then applying for asylum.

When they heard Trump wanted to make them stay in Mexico while applying for asylum, the way it should be, they were incredibly worried that their plan to invade the United States while using asylum as cover might be ruined. Of course they could rely on their friends inside the United States, the treasonous Liberal-Democrats, to help them invade the country.

They want to change our country forever by creating a permanent Democrat voting bloc out of these illegal alien invaders. They will vote for a socialist system run by the Democrats. The Deep State is pulling out all the stops and using every trick they have left to stop Donald Trump from making America great again.

They are worried that the house of cards is finally going to come crashing down with the rise of the Trump and the little guy. That we are finally voting against their lies and false promises is very problematic for them.

The forgotten Americans that have risen up to take back our country are putting one hell of a scare into the Deep State and they are not above completely tanking our country just so they can regain power. We must fight like hell right now to protect this country at all costs. This is a life or death situation and if we allow our borders to fall then the United States of America is doomed forever.

Fight like hell now or be conquered later.


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