Arizona Border Wall contract finalized, construction set for 2019.

Yesterday I reported that a contract was awarded by the United States Customs and Border Protect (CPB) in partnership with the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers to build 8-miles of much needed border wall in the Rio Grande Valley sector. Now today we are getting word that a deal was finalized to build 32-miles of Trump’s Border Wall in Arizona.

The project was funded with CBP’s Fiscal Year 2018 appropriations. The contract for this project was awarded on November 13, 2018 to Barnard Construction Company, Inc. for the base contract of $172 million for approximately 14 miles in Yuma Sector. Total contract value, including options, is approximately $324 million. Construction is scheduled to begin in April 2019.

This contract finalization is coming on the heels of reports that Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents have apprehended more than 650 Illegal Aliens in the Last two days alone. Thousands of illegals have been arrested illegally crossing in October. This is a very dangerous situation at the Border and a large part of the Migrant Horde heading to the U.S. has not even arrived yet.


I have tried to sound the alarm here about just how abysmal the Border Security is in Arizona. Particularly near the Lukeville Port of Entry where the geniuses in Congress decided to fund what is probably the worst “Border Wall” of any country anywhere…


If you can’t see a “Border Wall” anywhere in the photo above I do not blame you. For some reason, Congress decided to fund anti-vehicle barrier only. Anyone can easily step over this type of barrier as it is not effective at all at keeping people out. Here the illegals can easily just walk across our Border and they have been crossing here in massive numbers.

And as you know, they need only set one toe on U.S. soil and we are unable to deport them without court hearings…I know, it is truly insane and hopefully we can start working to fix it. I know that building a real wall is a huge step in the right direction in cutting down illegal crossings. None of this anti-vehicle barrier or mesh fencing crap, we need a solid steel and concrete wall laced with concertina wire to keep out as many people as possible.

Of course we can’t keep every single illegal out, but the goal is to keep out as many people as possible and funnel them into our legal ports of entry. If they are going to attempt to enter illegally we must make that task as difficult as possible. One of the great things that President Trump is doing is changing the asylum seeking laws so that people who enter the country illegally automatically become ineligible for asylum.

The Border Wall must become a deterrent and President Trump is doing it the right way. Not just steel and concrete, but a massive increase in the amount of Border Agents and high-tech surveillance equipment to track illegals. More rigorous examinations at the Border and continuous audits of the Border Patrol to keep them effective. We need Congress to add to that a serious change in immigration law that expedites the deportation process tremendously.

The Trump administration has already done a great job at speeding up the process of kicking out illegals, but more needs to be done in Congress. However, all of these wall contracts are a great start and 2019 will definitely be The Year of The Wall, due to all the construction set to take place.

Thank God we have President Trump to help us out in these troubling times, I can only imagine where we would be right now if Hillary Clinton would have became our President.

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