Illegal alien caravan arrives at California border.

About 350 or so illegal aliens, an advanced element of the so called “migrant caravan”, have arrived at the U.S.-Mexico Border. They are well ahead of the rest of the caravan and it is unclear how they arrived so soon, but they are planning to enter the United States to try to claim asylum. NPR reported that a group of LGBT migrants are in the crowd, but I don’t see why sexual orientation matters, and besides anyone can pretend to be LGBT, especially if they know it will give them expedited access to our country.

Of course, we don’t see any U.S. troops there because they are not at our border for law enforcement action as that would be a clear violation of the Posse Comitatus Act. President Trump is not Obama or Bush, he is not going to use our military to arrest people, they will simply be there for support roles. So that when the Border Patrol Agents have to head out to intercept these large groups of people, they will still have support at the ports of entry and headquarters.


President Trump has moved swiftly to change asylum laws so that anyone entering our country illegally will become ineligible to apply for asylum. What we have seen in recent decades are untold amounts of people using the asylum program to gain access to the United States and then disappearing into the country, never to be heard from again until they are caught for fraud, rape, or homicide. So these people can illegally hop over our border and we now have no obligation to grant them an asylum hearing.

The President has the authority to change the immigration policy, authority that was reaffirmed by the Supreme Court when they upheld his travel ban, citing the fact that the President can determine who is eligible and who is not eligible to enter the United States. The American Civil Liberties Union(ACLU) has filed a lawsuit to challenge the President in his bid to fix our broken immigration system.

The Democrats have invited in these illegal aliens with their insane open-door immigration policy. Instituting Sanctuary City policies that are magnets for criminal behavior. Passing laws that will guarantee an illegal alien can apply for welfare, food stamps, and healthcare. Guaranteeing that illegal alien children will receive a taxpayer funded education. California is a totally lost state. Indeed, if it were not part of the Union, California would have collapsed a long time ago.

We can no longer afford to be the stupid state that pays more in taxes than everyone else simply so Democrats can invite in a new voting bloc of illegal aliens. While I firmly believe that illegal aliens do indeed vote in our elections, even if they don’t, their children will be extremely inclined to vote Democrat. Why? Because the Democrats are basically telling them, “Vote for us or your parents will be deported!”

Most Americans see illegal immigration as a very pervasive issue. One that should have been addressed a long time ago, I have heard from many Democrats that they don’t like hordes of illegal aliens pouring over the border, especially when we already have so many homeless people here in California. Illegal aliens are taking over entire communities already and forcing people out of their homes.

Places like Compton, California, that were historically black neighborhoods are now becoming dominated by Latin immigrants. The City of Compton went from a majority black demographic to a majority Hispanic/Latin demographic in just 20 years!! That is not a natural change in a demographic, but rather a forceful change instituted by the Democrats! If any neighborhood ever went from majority black to majority white, the Root and a host of other “pro-black news sites” would decry the move as a “black genocide”

Yet the massive influx of immigration from the Latin world has gone almost completely unnoticed by the Liberal media. Indeed, they are trying to keep it quiet as long as they can so that black people do not realize they are being replaced by Hispanics. Some Liberal Blacks even welcome the destruction of their own race as a twisted form of “Diversity”.


I recall a recent story about a black man that owns an “African book store” in a historically black neighborhood now overrun with Latinos. The Latinos visit his store, but they usually don’t purchase anything. Why? Because it isn’t “Mexican” or ‘Hispanic’ enough for them. It doesn’t reflect the culture they brought over from Central-America, South America or Mexico. They tell the black owner of the black book store in a historically black neighborhood that he should be carrying more Latin stuff…but I guarantee you that man still votes Democrat because “muh racism”.

A major part of why so many Americans are opposed to such a massive influx of Latin immigrants is the fact that Latinos own the entirety of South America, Central America and Mexico. We have destroyed those countries with socialist governments or military dictatorships. We leave countries completely overrun with corruption and think that fleeing to a new place will make it better. That could be the case, if you left your countries flag where it belongs, in your old country. If you left your failed culture where it belongs, in your failed country. Perhaps then so many would not be hostile towards your presence.

I know one thing for sure, no other country in the world (except maybe a few cucked countries in Europe) is stupid enough to allow in so many disrespectful foreigners that have zero desire to integrate into our country. They want to bring over their own toxic cultures and failed ideologies. They are invading our nation, not trying to assimilate into it. I can only say thank God we have President Trump in the White House and he is doing what he can to fix the problem.


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