“Operation Secure Line” reinforcing U.S.-Mexico Border.

President Donald Trump has launched a massive effort to reinforce and better secure our Southern Border. Operation Faithful Patriot has seen the deployment of over 5,000 military trained specialists to our southern Border with Mexico. Now, Operation Secure Line has seen the laying of miles of concertina wire and additional fencing.

The President has also moved to change immigration rules so that anyone entering the country illegally cannot apply for asylum. Using the same authority he used to institute his travel ban that was upheld by the Supreme Court. Border Patrol have reported arresting over 50,000 illegal aliens last month in a massive surge of family units coming across the border. The ACLU have already filed suit against the Trump administration for his attempts for secure our nation.
Currently, some 5,000 illegal aliens as part of a “caravan” are in a sports arena in Mexico City where they are signaling that they want to travel to Tijuana. That will take them a little bit longer to get here, but it means they will land at the California Border. Of course they are gravitating here because they are getting news from their families that our state government will feed them, house them, and educate their children, all at the expense of the taxpayer of course.
I am very disappointed at the outcome of the recent elections and I have no doubt that massive voter fraud took place, but the next few years are going to be very dark times for our state. I will continue to keep fighting for our state against these insane Democrats that are inviting in hordes of illegal aliens that will only make it harder for the average American to make a living.

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