Stop blaming law-abiding gun owners for mass shootings.

A horrific shooting took place at a bar in Thousand Oaks, California, earlier today. My heart weighs heavy with grief as I write this article. My heart and condolences go out to the families of the victims. I pray that the victims are received in God’s arms safely. No words can describe the pain inflicted upon the soul when a loved one is suddenly ripped from your life.

Sadly, a U.S. Marine during the Obama administration who fought in Afghanistan was identified as the shooter. He had previous run ins with law enforcement and he was a troubled man, as many of our forgotten heroes and disregarded vets have become. The shooter’s weapon of choice was a .45 cal Glock 21 with an extended magazine. You can watch some YouTube videos if you are unfamiliar with this firearm:


Of course right on cue we have gun control advocates telling us a bunch of lies and screeching that everyone needs to turn in their guns right now.

Why don’t we start with the fact that the extended magazine has already been illegal in California since the year 2000. The extended magazine used by the shooter was most likely purchased illegally unless he purchased it before the year 2000 which is extremely unlikely.

The bottom line here in this situation is that this has absolutely nothing to do with guns and it is completely unfair to blame gun owners for the actions of one potentially unstable individual. This tragic story highlights the need for us to take much better care of our veterans.

They fight for us and then they come back home only to be treated like second class citizens without proper access to therapists and decent healthcare. Guns are not the issue here and it highlights how frivolous laws like banning extended magazines for firearms will not stop people from actually being able to acquire those modifications or even making it themselves. It shows how no matter how many gun laws you put on a society, you only end up hurting regular people and not the ones trying to hurt them.

Stop blaming law abiding gun owners for every tragedy with a gun, especially when they are illegally modified.

Prayers for the families afflicted by this terrible tragedy.

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