Operation Faithful Patriot will help build Border Wall.


The Pentagon has announced Operation Faithful Patriot in which it will deploy 5,200 military personnel to the Border. You can call them “troops” if you would like to use the most broad terminology, but these are all non-combat military specialists. Medics, Engineers, and extremely important surveillance units are the ones being deployed to the Border.


I have already reported on this blog that the President has been quietly upping the ante at the Border for a while and at least 3 types of military surveillance aircraft are already deployed at the border under OPERATION GUARDIAN SUPPORT.

As the 5,200 specialists lumber towards the border in massive cargo aircraft, advanced specialist teams were deployed 2 weeks ago when planning for this operation began. The Department of Homeland Security already has over 100 Special Response Teams on the ground that have assessed the situations and drawn up a plan for every one of the 26 Ports of Entry along the Southwest Border.

Current Border Protection assets:

  • 830 Border Patrol agents are on standby to deploy
  • 140 Special Operations Agents
  • 386 Mobile Response Teams
  • 350 Border Protection Agents from unaffected sectors deployed to the Border
  • Over 24 support aircraft available for on call rescue and recon missions
  • 2,000 National Guard personnel

What is being Deployed:

  • Army Corp of Engineers
  • 3 Combat Engineering Battalions
  • 3 Medium Lift Helicopter Companies
  • Military police units
  • 3 C-130 aircraft
  • 1 C-17 aircraft
  • Military Command Posts
  • Medical Units

In total some 5,200 soldiers will be deployed to the Southern Border by the end of this week. God Bless President Trump and everyone that is going to our Border to help fight against this massive swarm of illegal aliens. This is not about the “caravan” of illegal aliens as we are already facing a humanitarian crisis that has quietly unfolded at the border over the past 3 weeks. Some 1,900 Guatemalan nationals have been arrested crossing the Border illegally…

The Department of Defense already has 22 miles worth of Concertina Wire ready to be deployed on the Border and another 150 miles worth of wire on it’s way right now. If you don’t know what concertina wire is, it is a very serious barbed wire that is fairly effective at keeping people out. Here is a picture:


This is genius! Trump is using the military to beef up the wall at the Border! The military won’t be there forever, but the enhancements their engineers make will greatly increase our Border Security. They can essentially build Walls along sections of our border with everything they are deploying right now. Without any input needed from flacid Congress.

The “troops” being deployed to the Border by the Department of Defense are mostly going to be there for logistical and aerial support. They will also be reinforcing border walls and building additional barriers. Helping to move large numbers of Border Protection agents from one area to another and a moments notice. Or to provide aerial assistance in locating illegal aliens in rough terrain and the arid deserts of our Southwest.

These troops will NOT be serving in ANY type of “law enforcement capacity” as that would violate the Posse Comitatus Act that forbids the use of regular military as a police force.

They will be armed, for self-defense, but they will mostly be assisting the Border Patrol in their day to day operations and helping wrangle the influx of illegal aliens trying to enter the country. Don’t believe the insanity being spewed by the Liberal media, these troops are not there to kill innocent “no hicieron nada” women and children, they are there to secure our country and keep America safe from hordes of invaders.


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