Border Patrol have arrested over 1,900 Guatemalan nationals in just 24 days…

YUMA, ARIZONA –1,900 Guatemalan nationals have been apprehended by the Yuma Sector Border Patrol since October 1 of this year—more than a 175 percent increase from the same time last year.


Throngs of illegal aliens have just been pouring across the U.S.-Mexico border in recent months. Often times, willfully surrendering themselves to U.S. Border Agents. It is almost as if this action of mass migration is being done to overwhelm our Border Security and bring in as many people as they can.

The Yuma sector in Arizona has been a big problem because, as I have noted, parts of the U.S.-Mexico Border remain wide open for people to cross. Areas that do have barriers are terribly outdated and easily scaled.

Today one of the illegal alien detainees gave birth to a male child. The baby has been granted citizenship as per our stupid and outdated immigration laws and that is ultimately how we reward the act of illegally entering the United States. Especially because now the mother has a legal argument to stay in the country to take care of her child.

We are incentivizing for people to come here with these laws that open up our hospitals, jails and courts to these illegal aliens. If we could instead immediately deport them, within a day or two, severely limit their access to our medical care system, and reform birthright citizenship, millions of illegals would choose not to come to our country.

Is there a case to be made for birthright citizenship? Sure. Should it involve someone coming to our country illegally, giving birth within a few days, and their child automatically being granted a citizenship? Absolutely not. Right now, as the law stands, if an illegal who has been pregnant for 9 months in her home country gets one toe on U.S. soil when she has her baby, the baby is granted U.S. citizenship. It is totally insane.

Why do we need an illegal alien caravan of 5,000 people in order for us to sound the alarm? Millions have already invaded our country! Anyone that argues against building a real border wall to close the gaps and increasing our Border Security is totally delusional and helping crime pour into the country.

Crime doesn’t just come with the illegals, poverty comes with them as well. You see, for many of them, their circumstances back home are so disgusting and poor that to be poor in America will be a relief for them. It is much easier to be poor in America, but we don’t need anymore more poor people. We already have too many as it is, especially here in California. We can’t take care of anyone else until we take care of the people that are already here.

In our current situation we need to deport about 15 million of the illegal aliens we already have before we think about taking in more. Put a suspension on birthright citizenship for illegal aliens that have just come over in the past 12-months. We need to fix the broken immigration system or we will continue to see migrant caravans coming to the United States.


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