Illegal released by liberal Judge gets arrested for assaulting his wife…


NEW YORK – A few months ago an illegal alien named Pablo Villavicencio made headlines when he was arrested for being in the country illegally. What shocked Liberals was that he was arrested while he delivered a pizza to Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn. Some city officials said Pablo had delivered to the base before and it was not a problem. The Fort Hamilton officials have said they have a strict policy on running a background check on anyone visiting the base. Pablo had signed a waiver agreeing to the background check.

It was discovered that Pablo was an illegal alien and a fugitive wanted by United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Pablo was put in jail for being an illegal alien fugitive. Rightfully so, but along comes a bleeding heart liberal Judge, and the Liberal media, that went and decided to put everyone in danger and ordered him to immediately be released. Taking the law completely into his own hands, totally defying ICE, and putting countless lives in danger.

Well now Pablo has been arrested for allegedly pushing his wife against the wall, slapping her, and taking her phone in an attempt to prevent her from calling the police.

He had ignored a prior “voluntary” removal order in 2010 and he decided instead of leaving the country as he was told, he would get married, have kids, get a job and just ignore the law. That alone was enough to arrest and deport him immediately. Then he and the Liberal media have the nerve to act surprised when he gets arrested?? This is the insanity of our immigration laws.

Why would we ever expect someone like this to voluntarily leave? Why would he be let go after outright defying an order to leave the country?! This is totally outrageous and illegal aliens are getting preferential treatment over American Citizens and legal residents.

I understand that some people do leave of their own volition after being ordered removed by a court, but many people simply ignore that order and just go on living in the United States illegally. Having children, reproducing, then crying about their children when the law finally catches up with them.

The main person to blame here is Barack Obama. He invited in all of these people and he created the atmosphere that is leading to liberal Judges who have bleeding hearts for these illegal aliens. Letting them go one day, only to see them arrested the next for a violent crime they committed.

These comments were on the original Buzzfeed article that trashed Trump and ICE for arresting this innocent “no hizo nada” pizza delivery boy:


So there you have it. The Liberals that claim they are fighting to protect women are doing everything they can to put women in danger. Taking away their right to defend themselves and then unleashing a horde of illegal aliens that do not believe in women’s rights.

Liberals even gave this alleged wife beater, and known illegal alien, over $32,000!! While the streets of New York are littered with homeless American Citizens and veterans that need help. Democrats do NOT care about American citizens! They would rather give money, housing, and a job to an illegal alien instead of helping an American citizen.


Totally insane.


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