California Border Patrol arrest illegal alien “sicario” wanted in Mexico.

10-16-2018 Felipe Prez-Landa.jpg

EL CENTRO, California. – Border Patrol Station agents stopped a vehicle on Interstate 10 and determined that one of the occupants was illegally present in the United States.  After further investigation, the Agents determined that the subject had an outstanding warrant issued by Mexican law enforcement authorities. 

The man, identified as Felipe Perez-Landa, a previously deported Mexican national wanted by Mexican authorities, is currently wanted in Mexico for having ties with organized crime and for kidnapping.  Mexican authorities also identify Perez-Landa as a “sicario,” a term commonly used to describe a hit-man for hire.

These are the dangerous illegal aliens that are living among the residents of California. Sanctuary laws only serve to help these types of extremely violent illegal aliens avoid deportation. They are shielded from immigration agents while they impregnate women that have babies who become U.S. citizens…

We need more ICE and Border Patrol agents than ever before, but more importantly, they need to be allowed to actually do their jobs and be able to ask for assistance from local police departments. Not being able to rely on help from local police makes the job of Border Agents and ICE much harder.

If this man had been arrested by a local police department, there is a good chance they would not be allowed to ask about his immigration status or run additional background checks on him related to international warrants. Illegal aliens are getting arrested everyday and no inquiry is being made into whether they are wanted for additional crimes. Indeed the Sanctuary laws of California conflict with the ability to extradite foreign criminals that are wanted for heinous crimes.

Cartel affiliated assassins that are just walking and living among us, that is absolutely unacceptable. Meanwhile the Democrats that run our state are busy fighting plastic straws and suing Trump for no good reason. We need to elect politicians that are willing to work with the Federal Government to start deporting these very serious criminals from our country. Building the wall and increasing our border security has never been more important.


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