21-yr old arrested at Border falsely claiming “Unaccompanied Child” status…


Texas – U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers working at the El Paso port of entry arrested a 21-year-old man who was using another person’s birth certificate in an attempt to enter the country as an unaccompanied alien child. The man, a pregnant female seeking asylum, and others seeking entry were being escorted from Mexico to the U.S. by members of a non-governmental organization at the Paso Del Norte crossing October 14.

The pregnant female and UAC were escorted for processing. Further queries revealed the UAC was actually a 21-year old male fraudulently utilizing his minor cousin’s Guatemalan birth certificate. The subject will be prosecuted under 8 USC 1325 (a) (3) – False or Misleading Representation.

Let me say that this story ultimately makes me upset. While I am totally glad that this man was caught in his lies and arrested, I am absolutely furious that an unnamed “Non-Governmental Organization” is escorting people to the Port of Entry with their prepared statements. Helping them take advantage of our broken immigration system. A pregnant female was also with the man, she was granted entry for “credible fear”.

Had the man stuck to the story that the NGO fed him, that he was a poor Guatemalan child, and not broken under an interrogation, he probably had a good chance of gaining access to the U.S. I can’t even imagine how many of the millions of “unaccompanied child aliens” have entered our country using other people’s Birth Certificates.

The pregnant illegal will most likely have her child here and now that is another U.S. citizen in the labor pool that Americans will eventually have to compete with. That is another student that has to contend with the ones already here. Growing up and going to a Liberal college where her Liberal professors ensure it properly learns to hate our country. The pregnant woman will most likely go to a sanctuary city and she will take up housing that should belong to someone that is an actual citizen.

She could go on welfare…



The shady and unnamed “Non-Governmental Organization” is responsible for the horde of illegal aliens currently heading towards our borders. They have connections to NGOs inside of the United States that are going to try to help these people gain access to the country by taking advantage of our insane immigration laws.

An army of Liberal lawyers that are all working as one Progressive hive mind conspiring to bring in millions of illegal aliens that will ultimately destroy our country. These NGOs are a huge threat to our sovereignty. George Soros owns many NGOs and works with many others that are all going into overdrive right now and trying to bring in as many illegal aliens as they can before Trump builds the wall.


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