More military aircraft deployed to U.S.-Mexico Border.

OPERATION GUARDIAN SUPPORT – The RC-26 is now the third military airframe implemented in Arizona’s security mission under Operation Guardian Support, a force multiplier for federal law enforcement agents securing the nation’s borders.


RC-26B Condor

Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents supported by a National Guard RC-26 assigned to Operation Guardian Support apprehended more than 33 illegal aliens in seven days Oct. 3 to Oct 10.

National Guard personnel operating the fixed wing surveillance aircraft equipped with an array of sensors and cameras are credited with improved ability to identify illegal activity in Tucson Sector’s west desert this month, along the U.S./Mexico border.

SEPTEMBER 6th – Agents were traveling behind a Chevy Tahoe on State Route 286 near Sasabe, when the 24-year-old female driver made an abrupt u-turn south of the Immigration Checkpoint, pulled off the roadway and stopped. All passengers exited the vehicle and ran in different directions.

A Blackhawk providing aerial surveillance immediately landed and deployed additional agents and a canine to help search for the outstanding subject. Agents found five people attempting to hide, who were all illegally present in the United States.

9-6-18 AR Helo photo.jpg

AUGUST – National Guard UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters participating in Operation Guardian Support arrived last month to assist Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents with transport capabilities in remote, rugged areas of southern Arizona.

Monday, the Blackhawk crew inserted Border Patrol agents and a canine into a remote area southwest of Tucson where agents were able to rapidly deploy to apprehend two Guatemalan nationals attempting to evade arrest.

Operation Guardian Support is the blanket operation name for the deployment of the National Guard and other assets to the U.S.-Mexico Border and other areas of potential risk for illegal alien smuggling, drug trafficking and other nefarious activity. In order to properly protect our borders, we must be able to see what is going on at the Border.

Special military aircraft are critical at helping create a more complete picture on just what is going on at the Southern Border. They are helping to spot intruders in remote areas. These air assets provide absolutely vital resources to the most underfunded agency in the country, the U.S. Border Patrol.

The following video posted to 2 weeks ago gives you an idea of what they see on a nightly basis at the Border:

It is absolutely critical that we support the Border Patrol with increased surveillance capabilities that make their jobs much safer. The areas they are operating in are very rugged and dangerous. Having an eye in the sky makes things safer for everyone. An agent is much less likely to draw his firearm if he has a better idea of the threat he is facing, having aerial surveillance is critical to establishing what the threat is and where it is located. Helping guide agents towards their subjects like guardian angels.

With thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens pouring across our border, we need to do everything we can to secure our borders. We must build a wall on our southern border. We must increase the number of Border Agents. We must increase surveillance capabilities at the border and over our oceans. We can only do that by voting for politicians that actually care about our borders.


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